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Excellent track Bo......and one of the venues for the superb Auslot Proxy Series.

If I remember doesn't your track have a "Ferrador" painted surface?. I'm sure a lot of people would be interested in your description of this surface and how different tyres work, (or don't) on it.
It is something we don't have in the UK, and I think the USA and other parts of Europe.



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Thanks Alan for the kind words, the track is painted in Ferrador which is like a fine sandpaper surface, it give go even grip to all rubber tyres. The track is 28 meters in length and the fastest slot is a Ninco open F1 Ferrari F310B we use Ninco NC5 motors and Slot it rear ends with P4 F1 Slot it tyres, lap times 6.90.Ninco classic cars with NC1 motors run 7.85 lap times, on bad for a NC1. I will have more pics soon.

Regards Bo
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