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Sorry wrong answer,

I live the first years of my life in a village which used the Roman name and just added a letter.


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You've got me stumped, Jeff. I can't come up with any 1960s Lotus F1 driver that was born in Caerleon, Gwent.

Innes Ireland was a Yorkshireman. Trevor Taylor was too, born in Gleadless, near Sheffield. Mike Spence was born in Croydon, and Jackie Oliver was a cocky Essex lad, born in Romford. Peter Arundell was born in Ilford. Cliff Allison drove the UDT-Laystall Lotus 18 in two Grand Prix races in 1961, but he was born in Brough, Westmoreland, and Alan Stacey was born in Broomfield, near Chelmsford, Essex.

Sorry, I give up!

Kind regards


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He raced as a South African, his last GP was at the Natal Gp at Westmead driving a Lotus 24.

Best wishes,

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