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What is the signficance of the three numbers on the rail cars on the cover of the book?

Same rules as last time 24 hours to get it right. Same prize somebody has too win it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Mercedes is a clue and the car raced with this number and it is the number on the John Moxon built rail car in the book.

The above link shows a picture of the cover.
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Wild guess.... since I am no historian... understatement!

Number of victories for each model?

Or.... you were born in 19"29", have "19" children, and have had "3" wives?
Just kidding!!
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Do I get two guesses?
Nah.... not fair just cause I'm on line...

BTW.... which guess was closer?
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Shoot!.... I was sure the 3 wives and 19 kids theory was right...
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1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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