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New diecasts on Jouef layout.

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Got these three (modern) Corgi diecasts today. Only £6 each, & they look great on the layout.

Cute cop car!


Top down Moggie.

I`d posted the other diecasts before, but unfortunately my Photobucket account was accidentally deleted. So here they are again.

Original 1961 BBC Camera van by Dinky.

Corgi Commer film van, from 1968.

Corgi Commer cop van, from 1966.

A beautiful Corgi Bedford fuel tanker from 1965(features on Champion by Playcraft catalogue).

A Corgi breakdown truck, circa 1969.

From 1959, a lovely Corgi Ford Thames.

From 1960 a really nice Dinky fire engine.

A Corgi Vanwall & BRM. Both from the early 1960s.

Various "modern"
Corgi & Lledo diecasts of old cars.

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Very nice Kev, the new Corgis are like something from an episode of Heartbeat, aah memories,

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