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New Favicon?

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Is it just me or has it changed?? (I quite liked the old one)

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I don't know what you see, but I see this: Blue Electric blue Tints and shades Font Pattern

I haven't paid much attention to it, but don't think it's changed recently. It would be quite nice to have a favicon that had some relevance to SlotForum rather than the generic V.


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Dont think the Favicon button can be changed. I suggested to admin that the "like" button be enlarged and improved but the answer was a negative. This is something that the control is with VS forum owners not the tech/mods/admins of the forum.
According to the Invision Community guides (the guides for this forum software), changing the favicon should be simple. The forum already has its own logo, so perhaps the favicon can be changed too. For example, a favicon like this Blue Font Electric blue Pattern Magenta
could be used instead of the default Blue Electric blue Pattern Tints and shades Font
(these are .gifs as the forum won't allow me to add .ico files)

Changing the logo, favicon and sharer image
Themes in the IPS Community Suite offer an easy way to change three of the key images used by the software. They are:

  • Logo - The logo image shown at the top of every page of your community
  • Favicon - The small icon shown in the user's browser tab, and next to bookmarks in their browser
  • Sharer image - The image Facebook pulls from your community when a user shares a link from your site. Often you'll use a larger version of your logo.

To change these items, edit the relevant theme by navigating to Customization -> Themes in the AdminCP, and clicking the edit icon next to the theme:
On the Logos tab, you'll see three upload fields where you can drag'n'drop your images. Click Save to apply them.
Note: The favicon needs to be a .ico icon file, not a standard image. It should also be small for best results, and is normally shown by browsers at 16 pixels by 16 pixels. Consider using a third-party tool such as this favicon editor to help.


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The favicon hasn't changed since the forum software was updated over a year ago.

Unfortunately the IPS guides aren't relevant for our version of the software, and we don't have any control over the favicon.
I raised this issue at the time but got no response so I didn't push it -

I can explain:

Yesterday, I was stuck in an airport killing time on SF whilst waiting for the flying bus. As usual, the "free" WIFI was playing up and I noticed the SF favicon had changed to something red with a black squiggle.

That's when I posted.

But it didn't end there, it changed again to a green WIFI symbol, at that point I realised that the browser was displaying/saving the favicon of the provider (rather than the SF one), and it eventually returned to the V shape.

But when I switched browser, this is what I found saved in Chrome

Font Rectangle Magenta Circle Paper product

So the favicon did change at some point.



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Hmmm...funny you should post that...when I switched over this morning from the forum to read a blog I saw the same blue Favicon as you just put up

Handwriting Rectangle Font Art Magenta


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It depends what your Bookmark address is. gets the SF favicon but "New Content" gets the

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