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I think that Russel is right
I haven´t seen 917/10 in Gulf livery in any books or photos. If you look carefully at the base you can see that Jackie Olivier has driven it, but there´s nothing about the race where it was driven. If it is real it must be from some historic race. If I am wrong I would really like to see some photos from this car.

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In 1972 the rules for the world champion where changed. Because of this the Porsche 917K (and LH) was not longer suitable for this championship (races like Le Mans, 1000km Monza)
Some teams had to look for some other cars and Porsche had to look for a new challenge for the 917. Team manager John Wyer (JWA - Gulf) was in 1970 and 1971 very successful with the 917. He won almost everything but mised twice Le Mans. If you prefer Le Mans in those years has a Gulf Porsche as a winner please watch the movie!
Wyer already had made his choice for the future: His own Mirage project!
But Porsche was working hard to create some interest for the tuned up 917. Porsche had made a 917/10 CanAm racer out of the 917 and was hoping that Wyer and his pale blue team would also enter the CanAm series.

24 OCTOBER 1971
The 917/10 was even a bigger beast then the "basic" 917. You need al lot of imagination (some whisky also helps) to see the 917 in this new 917/10. John Wyer has access to allot of race resources and Jo Siffert was his number one choice for this new CanAm adventure. Jo already has some experiences for instants with the 917 Spyder (PA). This new mission was made for Jo but a tragic accident at 24 october 1971 in a F1 non championship race was the end of Wyers plan.
But Wyer was not the man hang his head down and he named Jacky Olivier to take Jo's place.
But at the end Wyer decided not to enter the CanAm serie and put his focus on his own Mirage project. Not a bad choice for a men of his age and in 1975 his team was the winner at Le Mans with a Mirage GR8.

The Gulf Porsche 917/10 never existed but the car Fly made is a very good interpretation of the artist's impression that was made for Wyer.

Picture artist's impression you find at:

As a Gulf racing collector I love this car and I hope you all love the story.


PS: in a few weeks an article about this car and backgrounds will be published on my site

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And of course, please understand that Jackie Oliver never drove such a car...

Besides, the Shadow was a faster car, erasing most of the 917-30 records in 1974.

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