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New Fly prototypes !

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On display at the Nurnberg fair are two new Fly prototypes : the Porsche Carrera 6 and a Lancia 037 !
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Oy-oy! Steady there Inte!

Nifty squid the pair, guv'nor! And no mistake!

Mr.M(just the one M......unless you count the one in Mr........then its two!)
Ain't no way that is a 156 - I've just been down to the car park and checked, compared to the black one down there: the roofline is too high, the boot too short, the bonnet too...

I was amazed at some of the prices, both high and low at MK (is there another thread discussing the meet I should be looking for?). From all reports there was some disagreement betwix two of the stall holders too - fortunately I found the cheap guy in time to relieve him of his last Daytona @£26.

Leastways, I think it is a Daytona. That's what it resembles most to me, that's what I thought it was, so I bought it.

Didn't see a roaring trade in VMG Lotus 72s!
Start a new topic guys .I didn`t make MK. Dish the dirt and give us all some feed back please
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QUOTE I didn`t make MK

you never make anything!!!

and it cant be below the belt cos I cant find mine today and had to wear some other jeans.. wonder how many pairs of correct fitting jeans I have
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Hey you gotta feel sorry for me mate, I run more events in a week then most club racers go to in a year (four club meetings this week and six events). Being honest I wasn`t bothered about MK and I`m bored of Swapmeets. Same old, same old. Add to that the fact that they are not really swapmeets are they, more like bargain hunt and spot the depressed real trader!

Now that I said that better put forward some ideas of what I would like to see? A big track to race on and some competitions with prizes. Some real cars of interest, scenic track displays , a quiz, open forum perhaps `ask the manufacturer..... Adrian . New products displayed and tested/presented by manufacturers. Just a few wishes, no disrespect to any organisers of any event.
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21 - 27 of 27 Posts
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