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New Fly Racing Cars

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Does anyone know when he new Fly Racing Lola B98's are coming out?

Also could someone geive me a realistic price (pendle?) ie. not the RRP.

Cheers all.

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The first Fly racing porsche had a magnet. Is this a new magnetted one?


PS. can't wait for the lola's... pictures when you get them guys....
Naa, the first Racing car was a Porsche GT1 98 with a little racing motor and a hefty magnet. It also had a lightweight shell, plastic wheels (skinny at front) and weight on the front axel.

The second Racing Porsche was the Racing Porsche Evo, which had the big racing motor, no magnet, no weight and alloy wheels. Then the Evo 2 came out and the Evo 2R, and finnaly the Evo 2RS, which has a Slot.It type grubscrew contrate, hollow front axel and slop for the front axel to move around a bit.

As far as I know, Fly will only produce a Racing version of their cars now, as all Evo 2RS features are incorperated into the standard racing models.

As far as I know here is the performance order so far out of the Racing editions:

Capri (Fastest)
Porsche (Slowest)

I predict that the Lola will be faster still due to minimal overhangs and a fairly long wheelbase. The standard one seems pretty good without a magnet, so the racing one should be even better...

That's a shiney chassis...
Right, due to extreme lack of funds and that I'm equally extremely impatient, I have decided to make my own Fly Racing Lola. I'm gonna cut and paste a Ninco motor mount into a standard chassis and stick an NC3 in it. Will make it this week, pictures to follow and track testing next Wednesday (possibly Monday).

What do you think? Good idea or bad...

Done it! It goes great at the moment, but I can imagine that a solid one piece chassis would be even better. Mine has no back axel holders (bearings araldited to the chassis. and everything is pretty much falling apart. It was my first one and I was going to bin it until I had my brainwave.

You just can't imagine how stable it was, even on West London's rally track... pmsl, unless you've already tried them non-mag that is...

The extra weight of the bigger motor really helps the handling, but it's a shame that you can only get really limited body rock because of the design of the body and chassis. You also have to completely remove the interior. I put a small square of CF in with a driver glued on top and it works fine.

1 - 7 of 18 Posts
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