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New From Fly

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HI All,
Here are the latest releases from Fly:

Fly E-Truck 24 Lukas Surf Truck £79.00

Fly E651 Gaugemaster UK Special Edition BMW 3.5CSL/Ferrari 365 Set £109.00

Fly S2004 Special Edition GT40 with Catalogue and History of Fly CD-Rom £105.00

Fly 2004 Catalogue with History of Fly CD-Rom £7.50

Fly A623L BMW 320 with Lights £49.00

Fly C40 Porsche 908/2 £36.00

the S2004 and 2004 Catalogue have really gone glamour-crazy, with a very delectable young lady
draped across the GT40 and many of the pages in the catalogue. The latest in the Special Truck series is once again stunning, with fabulous graphics as were the previous two editions. The UK Special Edition Pack is now available in the usual colour scheme and the two cars concerned lend themselves well to this format.


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What's the significance of the term E-truck? I love the fantasy art, especially the other truck with the dragon (oops, firedrake) on its side.

Also hat's off to Gaugemaster's lovely metallic red finish on their special editions. It's not to everyone's taste I know, but I like it. I keep seeing the odd FLY Zakspeed turn up on e-bay, but people soon start bidding silly money for that number 69 livery

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