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Hi, new to the forum. I am in Maryland, in the U.S.

Long time slot fan, was a young teen when they were big in the US in the mid 60's. First set was a Strombecker, my dad built a 4 lane wood track for us.

Got out of it when I went to college assumed they just went away.

Stumbled onto some vintage slots about 20 years ago, then found out about Scalextric and later, Fly and Ninco.

Pulled together a group of guys to run on my then Revell 4 lane track. The club is running strong years later, average attendance at races is 14 or so. Most of the tracks in the club are routed wood tracks.

As far as collecting goes, I focus almost exclusively on Lotus slot cars of all manufacture, all scales. It's an extension of my passion for 1:1 scale Lotus cars. I've owned 9 of them over the last 30 years, the most recent being an Exige S.

Glad to be here!

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Hi Todd

I think I've seen your user name elsewhere......

There are many great folk here.....a really international group.
Inspiration,information and conversation are always available.

regards and happy new year

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hi, Todd
Welcome! We have a lot in common, I was a young teen when slot cars hit the US nearby in Delaware but lots of family in Maryland (however, out in Arizona now). Meanwhile, I'm like Munter...your nick is really familiar to me. We must have another hobby in common or something.

Anyway, glad to have you joining us. Btw, you'll find lots of Lotus fans here if you look around.

best regards,
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