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Alan Tadd
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Site looks good I wish them good luck.

I agree with John, your pipemobile is very impressive, and very handy to if you want to fix a leak on your water system!. It just shows you can make a Slot Car out of almost anything.



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Thanks a lot guys

Sure we share information between us nuro, this would be great !!!
About this I wanted to ask you the permission to to translate text and make an article about your track (source : Members' Layouts)
Be sure that when we got "exclusivity" about spanish slot fabricacion like ninco, cartix or even fly (they fabric part of things here) I'll tell you here about all this !
My "pipe-car" is an experience I had since long time in the head
but is to heavy and have no future on track, I'll try with an othe type of pipe , thiner coper or pvc pipe !
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