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new kid on the block!

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hello all, after far too many hours spent reading all the excellent advice and information on this site i've got going with my wooden track and literally up to my elbows in contact adhesive, grouting and paint mixing, and loving every minute of building my new sandstone cliffs.i got going again with the old scalextric track over the summer as a neighbour gave me a load of old curves, the track grew, bigger than the toy room and into the big space i've got near my workshop, during august that track was decorated and filled with props (with help from my 6 year old, who built a lego snack area for the pits!) and we have since staged a successful tournament last saturday with 27 drivers of all ages (not bad for a village of 250 people), since then i started on track number 2 in wood, have done the levels, routing and nearly finished the cliffs, but awaiting the copper and still tons of modelling to do.....but how happy am i doing it?, you get to regress to being a 4 year old mucking about with dirt and paint and glue, then when its done you turn in to an 8 year old and speed around a small spanish village at 1/32nd scale....GREAT.

anyway, just wanted to sign in and will try and post some pics soon of the 2 tracks,(when i've figured out how!)

cheers sig
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QUOTE (sig @ 25 Sep 2009, 21:45) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>thanks for the great feedback folks! / ... / this afternoon i found ancient plans of a bridge designed by a disciple of telford, who happened to live just down the road from here, those plans just happened to be in dxf format on my computer, ready for laser how did that get there!!!
time to spend a few dollars at woodlands scenics methinks, in the meantime i might start working on the hermitage ..
Uh-oh .. by Engaging Infinite Improbability Drive .. it's been built-in in every W
s OS since second WW. Hit any key and you never know what happens. Never fails ..

Eeeh .. about the concept. Scenic Elements! .. Meaning the track runs seamlessly through different kind of scenarios/scenes. Through a spanish village square /top right. Next, over the bridge into brittish rural countryside /over bridge to bottom right. A cottage, low stone walls, gates and stuff, a windmill .. Perhaps later past the heremit in his cave /the cutting at bottom level where a car is parked .. Then up-hill the Rocky Mountains in US /left ..

-- ron --
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Ah well .. my second nature took over for a moment, that one trying to be witty, reg. findings on your HD. I almost always fail and never learn .. Sorry about that!

Back to the subject ...

-- ron --
Ah well .. since I'm bent on architecture, the industrial revolution etc. I had a look-see .. Below some interesting links --

Thomas Telford esq. >> .. The Iron Bridge >>

It sure would be interesting to see if sig indeed has "found" a drawing .. And how he plans to build the model ..

-- ron --
QUOTE (sig @ 28 Sep 2009, 21:51) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>/ ... / brad...rivets!, i've been thinking too..theres a concept they taught me in architecture which i have always liked, its called a negative joint, basically instead of taking a lot of effort joining one material to another, the idea is to leave a gap and leave the joint in shadow. a good example would be trying to butt up wood to a stone wall, instead of cutting the wood around every stone, you just leave a slightly larger gap and leave a recess in shadow, giving a much cleaner and easier joint!.I explain this because what if instead of externally placed rivets with tiny pin heads, they were indented. still giving a shadow and point of detail but in reverse. i could go along with my centre punch and make hundreds of rivet dents, in the steel like a type of etching, it would be loads easier and quicker and drive me much less insane. then maybe a dark grey wash over the steel to highlight (or rather low light ) the detailing. / ... /
Sorry to butt in again .. but I find this fascinating! It's plain silly to try and replicate all of the rivets, if any. Perhaps only those that are visually notable?

You might get good result by 'dotting', small drops of thick paint or even glue. A syrenge or the sharp end of a pin could work. Or get a bag of small/short brass nails with rounded heads. If working on wood, that is. Model shipbuilders use a lot of such stuff.
These below >> look interesting! Sheating plates out of thin copper. Found them Here >>

This Guy >> .. uses split peas!!

Btw. part reason for me interest .. I live in a town that was renown for the industrial manufacturing of cast iron bridges, countless of them, every canal here had half-a-dozen of them. Also, railings for those, lamposts, household items etc. From late 1800-century to today .. And shipyards, from way back ages ago. Boats that were held togeteher with rivets!

-- ron --
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Picture #3 in post #60, the low angle overview looks just fantastic! I especially like that the roots of the tree has cracked the pavement. Very neat detail, that!

But I wonder, how will plaster stand for wear & tear .. Do you just *seal* it with a coat of paint?

-- ron --
QUOTE (sig @ 23 Oct 2009, 09:03) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>/ ... / even a 1:32 spitfire or mustang just look tooo big for the track somehow (and there are hardly any kits!) ...

This thread is getting only better indeed! Wrecks & ruins .. love the theme!

sig, try This>> .. or This>> There's quite a few big scale kits for sale, mostly ww2 single engine but also some modern jets. 1:48 has plenty to choose from.

A plane fuselage as a tunnel .. that's a great idea [I think there is a big-scale Hercules C-130 by Italeri] .. And some ramps for jumping over the wings or [half-round] old hangers ..

-- ron --
This had me grinning all over
Great story, thanx! [there should be a pinned topic for this kind of things?!]

-- ron --
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The speed of how this layout evolves or develops is simply amazing! And at very good result too.

In case you need some *short-cuts* .. here's a linky I found a while ago .. FCalvModels>> .. Don't know where they are located or if these are in production yet, but they sure look nice. Wooden & cast iron benches in 1:32 --

Also, if you want graffiti, check out cgtextures>> /Signs//Graffiti Big resp. Tags. They are all free to download, [although restricted to max. some Mb files per day] comes in couple of different sizes and .dpi. Photos of the real thing.

5 Flying Fortress'es .. ?? Hmm, how's doing the fuselages as vac-forms? As you don't need much details ..

-- ron --
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QUOTE (sig @ 30 Oct 2009, 21:19) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>fantastic web sites ron thanks a lot i'll definatly be using the textures one for sure, but might just laser cut my own bench, ought to be a bit cheaper

heres a tag on the web site that tickled my argueing with the guy there.....

Ah .. quite, I forgot you got your own machinery for that ..

Hmm .. mr H. should have had another hobby, I think. Just like his *friend* mr. Göring .. who liked more playing with a Model Railroad instead of *playing war* .. but on the other hand, history tells us how bad also that turned out.

ps. Yes, I've seen the lights previously somewhere else .. that's a great idea! Looks good, too!

-- ron --
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Hey sig .. the track looks good, it seems there's two longish straights?

Took just a peek a another [plastic kits] Forum. There's a group-build on B-17's>> .. there could be some useful pictures ..

And at that, another B-17 linky>> .. the renovation of *Mephis Belle*. Some nice pix there too!

Reg. the planes, you could have a on-going-outdoor-salvage/dismanteling of the planes. Or renovation .. outdoors, as climate is nice [?] The big fuselage is in three parts, the guys are having fun and made a ramp through the middle one. Wings are taken off [see pictures page 2. in the 2. link] and are layed along the fuselage. Otherwise, the huge wingspan might dwarf perhaps every other scenic item.

How's the fuselage size on this, Fairchild C-123K>>

-- ron --
Jeez .. ! The video is amazing .. the plane, the bike & the car in same frame .. pure art. Fascinating stuff.

Sig .. it's synchronicity! [Jung, not Sting]

Also .. we start as individuals, by upbringing, education and social behaving patterns we always end up copying ang being like copies of somebody else ..

*Brian: Look, you've got it all wrong! You don't NEED to follow ME, You don't NEED to follow ANYBODY!
You've got to think for your selves! You're ALL individuals!
The Crowd: Yes! We're all individuals!
Brian: You're all different!
The Crowd: Yes, we ARE all different!
Man in crowd: I'm not...
The Crowd: Sch! ..*

-- ron [I think .. but I'm not sure] --
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Oy .. that's almost like my avatar, which [I believe] was drawn up a couple of thousand years ago .. everything is recycled! .. But the cars do cope with that .. not too tight?

Reg. 1:43, sig .. The SCX guideflags are different than 1:32, I think. Very, very thin and with regular braids. But I'm not fond of how the F1's I've got ride, as they are very light weight so the braids push the frontwheels about 3-4 mm up in the air. I'd like to tinker with them a bit, but still unsure about how. Although they've run [fronts in the air] on Scaley track without any problem.

CarreraGO!!! has no moveable guide, only a pin/keel, and a braidsystem like the bigger scale Carreras. Brushes/braids in the pressed brass fittings. Look into Mini-Slots section .. There's been some postings, I think, about how to improve their running. But both makes seem to lack a lot in torgue.

There's also a very interesting posting about 1:43sd slot cars .. with a linky to custom made chassies>> ..

@Graham .. out-of-the-box into the circle? That's innovative! There was a record lable in the 70'ies [?], Vertigo, was it not, with a bit similar *swirl*..

-- ron --
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QUOTE (sig @ 10 Nov 2009, 18:01) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>wow...santa masmojo claus....can't wait to see what you come up with...i saw the carrera pickup today at 1:43 which could be interesting and they also have the block style subaru no? / ... /
and why do they all insist on putting black windscreens in, can't stand it!, does the motor fill the cockpit?
Sig .. here below is a photo of pair of CarreraGO!!! cars from the 007-set.

As you can see, the motor is very small, and lacks some torgue. I've added a bit of weight, a metal washer, under the sticker, some 10 gr. maybe, I'm not sure. Car runs a bit more stable. Had no photo of a blue Subaru [I've given all this stuff away as pressies] but I seem to recal I had to stick the weight on underside of the hood .. instead of the floor. Had a run with it a few weeks ago, it works still ..

As you can also see in the picture, the white *thingy* is the guide pin/keel. Hard, oval profile, plastic one, snaps in place. And the braids .. well, the work. Could be better .. You get a couple of extra of those in a set or with a car.

The black window is snapped/bonded in situ, ought to be easy to remove [?] although I've not tried it. But then you'd have to make an interior .. and have a miniature driver?

-- ron --
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A sub to a sub .. hmm. Sure thing.

I forgot this nice Carrera Linky>> .. maybe it's the same linky that masmojo provided .. at least the Forum site seems the same [?] There are more of these, but all sites are in german ..

But anyway, you get a list & pix of all the GO!!! cars. The sets have some variations of cars included from 2001-2009. Also, I seem to recall seen some cars for sale on e-bay [UK]. Lots to be found on e-bay [DE] for sure, by a quick look now, 700+ GO!!! cars for sale at the moment .. Haven't tried it yet myself, as I bought most of my stuff at our local e-bay.

No harm in trying out a few, if you can find a pair cheap.

-- ron --
Wooh .. I'd like to have some of the drugs you're on .. ooooor .. on the other hand, maybe NOT. I couldn't afford it [get it?]

Smaller scales .. hmm, you'll find more easily plenty of scenic stuff, all kind of plastic kits, diorama stuff, buildings and cars etc. 1:48 to 1:43 is not that big differance?

Good choise. As now you got the best of both wo .... scales.

Edit: .. forgot to mention, scale O is big in UK in model railroads, that's 1:43 too [but 1:48 in US]

-- ron --
Yet another intriqueing idea, sig!

Just throwing in a couple of ideas .. How's a secret testing facility close to the Polar Circle way up North/Lapland?

There's at least two I know of, Arjeplog [Sweden*] and Rovaniemi [Wabco-Finland] .. I'm not sure of their officially labeled names.

But anyhow, you could also throw in some scenicly interesting features, like The Icehotel at Jukkasjärvi. Totally built of ICE!
A Saami village nearby, with cottages. Reindeers, sledges, perhaps even races with Ski-doos ..
A piece of terrain track with icebridges, snow-hangs and lots of other "naturally sculpted" items.
As background, when turning lights down low in evenings -- Northern Lights/Aurora Borealis glistening in the night.

The possebilities are endless ..

*I believe Beemer has their own, very tightly guarded area at Arjeplog. But all brands, Audi to Alfa, Bentley to Beemer, Ferrari to Ford, whatever visit the facilities at some instance I think. Perhaps with their brand new vehicles .. So the cars on a such could be anything and everything!?

-- ron --

Edit: Btw. There's also an international SpaceRocket testing site at Esrange, northern Sweden. Just a snowballs throw from Jukkasjärvi. Could provide an interesting, scenic background
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