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new kid on the block!

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hello all, after far too many hours spent reading all the excellent advice and information on this site i've got going with my wooden track and literally up to my elbows in contact adhesive, grouting and paint mixing, and loving every minute of building my new sandstone cliffs.i got going again with the old scalextric track over the summer as a neighbour gave me a load of old curves, the track grew, bigger than the toy room and into the big space i've got near my workshop, during august that track was decorated and filled with props (with help from my 6 year old, who built a lego snack area for the pits!) and we have since staged a successful tournament last saturday with 27 drivers of all ages (not bad for a village of 250 people), since then i started on track number 2 in wood, have done the levels, routing and nearly finished the cliffs, but awaiting the copper and still tons of modelling to do.....but how happy am i doing it?, you get to regress to being a 4 year old mucking about with dirt and paint and glue, then when its done you turn in to an 8 year old and speed around a small spanish village at 1/32nd scale....GREAT.

anyway, just wanted to sign in and will try and post some pics soon of the 2 tracks,(when i've figured out how!)

cheers sig
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Just want to applaud you on your 2 tracks.
They look like a blast to drive and your scenic ideas are a breeze of fresh air.

it's looking magnificent.

And very nice photos, I'll be lurking around for further updates.

Hi there
wonderfull inspired track which have been a joy to follow so far.

Whats that music?? it's very very nice for adding up tension, very film like litle loop.

It's nice to see that your coble stones are working nice.

We'll be looking forward for a video with some fast action.

chuppy dub....
QUOTE (sig @ 18 Oct 2009, 11:21) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>thanks guys!, mr p (or can i call you rally), obsession is the right word there, at least for me, but then i obsess always when i'm happy and learning.there is something very satisfying in creating spaces and objects (which is why i trained as an architect and now make steel furniture) but that goes to a whole new level when you can design total landscapes, communities, histories and personalities!, its like playing god i suppose.
these days i cant even drive the car without looking at the detailing at the side of the road, or how weeds grow out of rock faces. a trip to the park is made more interesting by being a source of new foliage for the track.
the problem is that there is just too much that can be modeled, what about a city...graffiti, homeless, or an old derelict industrial building broken into by boy racers, the list is endless. i suppose we model things for the same reason that artists paint landscapes or still lifes, it helps us understand the thing we are copying.
i was trying to explain the idea of 'mid-life crisis' to s friend the other day explaining how a colleague had gone out and bought a beautiful classic porsche . obviously we are all jealous, but my take on it seems to be (as i cant afford a real porsche) build a mock up of your own village, buy as many supercars as you want (for less than 30 euros each) and drive them around your village with friends!!! , and then park them infront of your modelled house! works for me!!!

have to agree on all of these observations, and then add this....

If you take the road or the track and see it as a living organism(or life) and the car as a confession chair you have endless opportunities of telling stories.
I would like to see someone including an all burned down area where a forest fire have burned down lots of trees and maybe a building or two.

fantastic work as always.
btw. patches of fur is great for grass as well.
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Did any one say Primus

That bass riff is so King Crimson, but I guess we all have a little Jerry inside of us.

Hope you survive the energy drink, what's in that stuff anyway ????

I replaced music with slotcars, so if I ever disapear from this forum I'll probably be doing music again.
I saw them when they had just done the "Sailing The Seas of Cheese" album at Roskilde Festival. And they Rocked \m/

Here is a little something about...... well maybe it's about slotforum :)

Ok back to racing.....

Now that idea about a "Plane Junkyard" sounds cool.
You could just make it like a tube(Tunnel) and dress it up as part of the body from the B52 or another large carrier like this:

and another:

....or part of the body a sharp hairpin and out on the wing :)

Great idea I'll be looking forward for this to develope and it really inspires me to finish of my Mining/Industial area.
Rust and grime rocks.

Check out another forum member called manitouguy, he has a blog and under Misc. Slot Stuff is a lot of old airplanes and other goodies.
theres many pages of "misc stuff" cheers
click here and be amazed

chips and dibs
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Oddly enough Ken Block's gymcana video inspired me to begin on my current parking lot/Shopping mall layout :)
Small miracles happens every day we are just to blind to see most of them, often explaining things with luck :)

Why not just make a fantasy B-52 Stratofortress?
I googled for junk yard planes as well, and many was incomplete or looted for parts so you could just model part of the body and maybe half a wing the rest being covered with sand. or work it into the backdrop(If you are gonna make one)

The fighter planes will take up alot less space I recon.
Have you looked toward the rc plane world ? mayby they could have something interesting.

Looking forward to what you are gonna come up with.
Well obviously good old Olly Jolly North and freinds had to retire somewhere.
And there is not as much money in transporting "Daddys illegal blend" these days, as any high school kid with a chemestry set can start doinge haterade in the bathtub.

But back in the days when they were sponsored by the higest bidding nation, money was flowing like a spring river, an only the best aircrafts where used to transport and protect there investment.

So I would say that it would have to be somewhere near the Mexican border....or the golden triangel in Burma, Thailand and Laos.

Lick a toad and see what happens I say......I'm sure SIG(or was it MIG) comes up with yet another Flying Fantastic track.
3 tracks of high standard in a couple of months must be the unofficial slotforum record.

chips 'n' dibs
QUOTE (cudak9 @ 25 Oct 2009, 17:26) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Thanks JW. There are other AAR's up here also, but they never leave the garage. I drive mine all summer, just like my slot cars, no shelf queens here. Whether it be a Pioneer or SCX AAR or both, I will drive the heck out of them.

Well fast money leads to fast women and fast cars, decadent life style and a bullet in the back.

It could also be Joe & Jules Junkyard, they buy anything Iron and recycling it.

Try do a search on Alang in India. It is the leading centre of worldwide ship breaking and recycling. Scarry stuff.
You need to bend that lamp post by the car wreck :)

It looks great and it makes me wanna o buy some christmas chains to butcher up.

I can't wait to see this one develop, and as nothing goes to plan the spur of the moment thing is gonna be your friend.

So what do you plan to cover this one with ? :)

QUOTE (sig @ 5 Nov 2009, 17:06) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>can you get scaley motocross bikes?

Scaley have done sidecars you can pick them up at the bay of E every now and then, but they are tricky to drive without magnets.

And there was an release with a cool sidecar from AA-bodies
read about it here

looking cool with the spiral of death

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Cool as hell
I have always wanted to do that to my industial are smoke coming out pipe etc. etc.

anyhow here's a little smoke....:)
Well to me who don't know nothing about planes it looks like planes. the jet seems a bit on the small side but the others appear as "planes".
But of course if you are gonna be a rivet counter you are gonna point to the fact that the portrayed planes are not true to scale but for the imaginative kid it's gonna be a deserted airfield.
You could try to destroy the significant features of the different models, just using the shape of the planes. Or maybe some Frankenstein mash upps ??
Sort of shape recognition rather than specific model recognition.

If you could get some really cheap jets a little larger it would be cool to have a whole "stack" of planes like a stack of cars at the junkyard.
Right on, I would say, but are there room enough for the taller cars ?? better save yourself some grief now and go get yourself a Fly truck and a Ninco 4x4

As for the concrete i would go for the hammer slappin aproach. but I,m looking forward because the image a few pages back looked cool.
I'm sure some WW2 diorama could have some molds you could use for the craters.

Piled up tinted mdf dust mixed with glue is good for gravel and concrete debris but it is allso very grippy and needs sanding to allow for sliding.
anybody know this song??
goes a little like this
.......OLD MAN RIVET ??

It's looking sweet, however.......not to pretend I could do it myself......
Since we already talked about cancars, I saw this one today, and I think you should nick his technic of removing some edges and creating holes, chattered windows etc. with the dremel(it looks so simple)

looking much better now, it's starting to look like surface and buble rust now.
Then go steal your wifys toilet bag and dust it up with the face powder stuff.

the "Greasy" Service vehicle is looking great too.
I think that it's amazing that even the real building seem to fit the scale, thus not needing a backdrop.

How much is it to have these things laser cut ??
It would be nice for someone making a Gothic fence for an Adams Family House.
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