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new kid on the block!

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hello all, after far too many hours spent reading all the excellent advice and information on this site i've got going with my wooden track and literally up to my elbows in contact adhesive, grouting and paint mixing, and loving every minute of building my new sandstone cliffs.i got going again with the old scalextric track over the summer as a neighbour gave me a load of old curves, the track grew, bigger than the toy room and into the big space i've got near my workshop, during august that track was decorated and filled with props (with help from my 6 year old, who built a lego snack area for the pits!) and we have since staged a successful tournament last saturday with 27 drivers of all ages (not bad for a village of 250 people), since then i started on track number 2 in wood, have done the levels, routing and nearly finished the cliffs, but awaiting the copper and still tons of modelling to do.....but how happy am i doing it?, you get to regress to being a 4 year old mucking about with dirt and paint and glue, then when its done you turn in to an 8 year old and speed around a small spanish village at 1/32nd scale....GREAT.

anyway, just wanted to sign in and will try and post some pics soon of the 2 tracks,(when i've figured out how!)

cheers sig
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It's just a shame we got there too late to see the ambulance carting them off.
No, no, make that a helicopter, an ambulance would be far too tame.
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don't tell anyone...... but dolores the cleaner at cal hernandez has just been into the bar and given me the latest it turns out that jordi senior has hit the roof, he's been stressed recently anyway about the poor harvest and the decreasing value of his property!.
apparantly they had a massive fight and little jordi has stormed out saying he was sick of working on the farm which his father literally threw him out of the house (junior still lives under the same roof with his parents like so many around here)
anyway he was overheard shouting that he was going to leave forever and go and live with his uncle in mexico!

now jordi seniors brother has always been the black sheep of the family, they havent spoken since the days of franco, when josep (the brother) ran away from home.! Rumour has it he is dealing in some very shady substances over in mexico...aparantly he bought an old airfield and some wrecked old planes.with their mothers one really knows why as he cant fly a plane .

anyway jordi junior was last seen catching a taxi with a rucksack and asking to be taken to the barcelona airport!!!!

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That made me laugh so much!

And great intro to the plane graveyard idea!
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Knew there'd be strife when Jordi snr found out. Figured the young'un would be grounded for months, but to hear he's shot through! No respect in the young bucks these days. How's Snr bearing up?

Somehow I don't think this will be the last we hear of Jordi Jnr.

But seriously, a car that loud and in rather a sickly shade of jealous green was just begging to be trashed. Well done sir! Hope you enjoyed it. Although I can imagine your youngster standing behind you saying "No daddy! Don't kill it!!"
QUOTE Rumour has it he is dealing in some very shady substances over in mexico...aparantly he bought an old airfield and some wrecked old planes.with their mothers one really knows why as he cant fly a plane .
Very impressive tie-in there sig. Brilliant, just brilliant.

good morning all!.....thanks for all the replies, yes i had fun doing that and strangly enough , building the story helps in all the little decisions about the new track. j sin the model was a saico off ebay.i have to say i was very impressed with the quality and interior detailing, shame all slot cars can't be as detailed.
ember.. my boys the only only i know who will actively looks at a smashed up anything and say its cool, hes done it since he was 2....obviously in the dna! so he had no problem with the murder of the toyota
brad, its thanks to you that we can all have fun inventing stories, you as always are the inspiration
i've been doing some treeking on the diaroma too, glossy oil leak, oil hand prints on the bonnet etc, now i'll have to find a figure to paint as the lead man (jordi jr) sonia exists and senior too.and i think the potiac gto with primered wing is gonna be jnrs car of choice when he gets to mexico.
planes are ordered and lamps for the village should arrive this week
exciting stuff

cheers all sig
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QUOTE (sig @ 27 Oct 2009, 18:16) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>my boys the only only i know who will actively looks at a smashed up anything and say its cool, hes done it since he was 2....obviously in the dna! so he had no problem with the murder of the toyota
My middle brother (6 years older than me) was exactly the same way. Destroyed an absolute fortune worth of Dinky and Matchbox cars by hitting them with bricks so that he could stage 'proper accidents.' The one that made me almost cry when I found it in a box of old toys was the original bat mobile, complete with dynamic duo and working guns, with a crumpled front quarter. He even did the same to a Minic Motorways Jag and SuperSnipe. Mother was not happy when she found them.

At least no one's going to ground you for doing it.
howdy y'all,

got my lights YYYEEEESSSS!
dont know if you know the spanish company art-kit slot who do lamps and illuminated signs, by chance they're in barcelona..web site here

anyway i bought 80 euros worth and they delivered free to spain, i ordered some of the new rustic lamps and some of the more 'motorway'style lamps, both with the bulbs in white, the great thing about these lamps is they are plug'in with a simple jack plug. so apart from the fact that they can be rotated 360 degreees, also if you have more than one track like me all you need to fix are the simple and cheap base plates and you can go plugging in the lamps wherever you want

heres a pic of the rustic version with base plate

as you can see the base is dead easy to install, it comes with small screws (idea for 12mm mdf) and has long wires for those tricky bits of the track (under the church!)
all can be wired in parallel its just a matter of matching red with red and black with black as it where. wiring the whole lot up (8 lamps )took about 2 hours although i now need to tack back all the spagetti underneath!
theres a big difference in the type of light in the 2 types that i bought, the rustic is much more tungsteny and err rustic (!)with a wide spread if light whereas the leds are great for a pool of white light in very specific areas . also great for picking out dioramas like the crash scene. also the glare from the leds is minimal compared to the rustic ones.

the lamps themselves are finely detailed (brown wood/black or silver steel etc and i like the detailing on the mortorway lamps which looks appropriately 'technical'
i'll still probably give them all a lick of weathering but thats just me!

also i screwed the base plates underneath by chip board to hide them altogether and also reduce slightly the height of them (they're almost as high as my cliffs) and also to avoid having to re finnish my road surfaces

anyway i'm dead chuffed, and i think they're great, i was toying with the idea of making my own but for the price these are a bargain

heres some pics in no particular order, its amazing what illumination does to a track, position the lights close to the cliffs and they exaggerate the rock texture, the tungsten enhances the paving greatly too.
i didnt think i'd use all the lamps i bought but you end up sticking them in cos they look so cool!

so here you go i reccomend these guys all i need now is a normal bulb for inside the lockup and maybe something above the bar door

cheers for now and happy halloween (got to go off and organise a big do in the bar now! sig

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Thanks for the report on the art-kit lights--I'd seen them before and wondered about them. Lights make a fine looking track even better! Thanks for sharing the pictures. Gets me motivated to finally finish those last details of lighting on my track.
Oh, the use of a mini-jack is brilliant...I was going to do this on my tilt-up-against-the-wall layout since the units would be so easy to remove and replace. As it is I employed another dark and devious idea, but those lights you have are first rate!!!
Those lights really add a sense of atmosphere--although your track already had plenty of that!

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The lights look great sig. They fit in nicely with the scenery and add to the realistic look of the layout. It looks like you got a bunch of them for 80 euros!

You need to bend that lamp post by the car wreck :)

It looks great and it makes me wanna o buy some christmas chains to butcher up.

cheers guys,yep i had thought that i now need to bend that particular lamppost!, hope it doesnt melt the cables inside, also finding whole zones (previously unlit )that need touching up or re painting, and thats not to mention the acres of saw dust and building mess thats accumulated on the track and in the rails, i'll tell you what though, the copper tape holds the current really well still with no upkeep whatsoever, track 1 (scalextric) needs cleaning after 2 days to get it to go. still need terrace handrail , bench for plaza, bits of extra illumination and tools and benches for the cave. meanwhile 5 model kits are on the way from the states.i'm starting a collection of graffiti downloads and 'how to ' model tutorials. order to do the flying fortress for example, i'll need to build and paint it well....then distress it for wartime service (bullet holes etc)then repaint over in black or similar (for service post war as drug runner), then crash and nearly destroy it in its airfield in mexico...then rust it because it sits in a field for years, then add graffiti, for the break and entry to said airfield. should be fun!!! and there are 5 of them!

anyway heres a properly dark foto, that i like
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hang on, scratch that...i know no-one really cares but i should get my story straight ...the fortress and the black widow were never used for drugs, they were in the airfield as remnants of a mexican collector who liked all things from USA. lost his fortune and sold the flield to josep hernandez fr4om catalunya who bought the catalina , the mirage and the thunderjet, cheap for his dubious purposes.

meaning that the fortress and the widow can stay in original war torn state but with iconic anti war graffiti, cnd ,smiley face and the like

just needed to get that straight!!

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The speed of how this layout evolves or develops is simply amazing! And at very good result too.

In case you need some *short-cuts* .. here's a linky I found a while ago .. FCalvModels>> .. Don't know where they are located or if these are in production yet, but they sure look nice. Wooden & cast iron benches in 1:32 --

Also, if you want graffiti, check out cgtextures>> /Signs//Graffiti Big resp. Tags. They are all free to download, [although restricted to max. some Mb files per day] comes in couple of different sizes and .dpi. Photos of the real thing.

5 Flying Fortress'es .. ?? Hmm, how's doing the fuselages as vac-forms? As you don't need much details ..

-- ron --
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fantastic web sites ron thanks a lot i'll definatly be using the textures one for sure, but might just laser cut my own bench, ought to be a bit cheaper

heres a tag on the web site that tickled my argueing with the guy there.....
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Those lights are Kickin'!!

Like the GTO as well!! comes close to the personality I was mentioning before! Now, if you could just put some headlights in it!!
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One more thing looking at your roadside acident reminded me of lyrics from Donald Fagen's Trans-Island Skyway:

Say, there's a wreck
On the side of the road
Lots of blood and broken glass
The kid who was driving
I know from somewhere
Some kids just drive too fast
Wait just a minute
There's a beautiful survivor
With dancer's legs and laughing eyes
C'mon snakehips, it's all over now
Strap in tight cause it's a long sweet ride

All you need now is a cute little survivor!
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