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These are new kits that Scalemodels appear to have sales rights to:-

Riley Elf Mark III
Jaguar Mk X
Ford RS2000 Mk 2
Austin Maxi
Vauxhall Victor Estate
Jaguar 420
Triumph Spitfire 4 Convertible

They may be of interest to folk who enjoy watching banger racing!

Do any of these have a racing pedigree or are they cars designed to encourage grandpa to have a go with your Scalextric?

Nice to see a few more classic shapes available.

Given that Carrera bring us the weird and wacky these days ("that" German matrimonial car for example or the Santa special) what chance Scalextric offering a Vauxhall Victor Estate in 2004?


· Allan Wakefield
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It isn't April first is it??

WHY would anyone want to remember or even drive a model of a MAXI ??????????

I mean the Vauxhall Victor is sad enough but the MAXI ??

I like a couple of the others actually (Jag and Sptifire (had one in my teens)) but the MAXI ??

SAD, I would be ashamed to offer this to the public except as a very small diecast ( like 1/1000 scale) that was 'under the counter' stuff.

Worst thing is I REALLY want to see a pic of it now - link or pics anyone gonna own up to having one to photograph?

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Hey, modelling a field of banger racers wouldn't be a bad idea - I think would be rather ace (easy to relate to rather than Nascars)

*gets coat*

Now just need some Granada's

Just had a quick look, the Jag looks rather smart.

RS2000 nice.

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I dont think ANYONE will actually claim to have a pic of it..

the maxi was good for one thing.. it provided lotus with a gearbox for the elite in the 70's

Erm, since when have Mk2 escys been called bangers moped.. oh SEAN has these at PENDLE SLOT RACING (really bad free plug)


· Russell Sheldon
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Actually, these are not new. BMC32 and Highway32 resin kits are made by Traffic Model Cars and have been around for quite some time. I have had the Riley Elf MK III for a couple of years now and it is a very nice kit. The resin moulding is well done and it has white metal bits and pieces such as the grille, bumpers, rear-view mirors and even the door handles!

They make some unusual but nice models in their BMC32 range:

Austin A30 2 door Saloon (1950s).
M.G. 1100/1300 4 door saloon (1960s)
Austin 1100 Mk I "Driving School" Car.
Morris 1100 Mk I Saloon Police Car.
Mini Clubman 1275 GT
Mini Broadspeed 2+2 GT (fastback coupe)

E.R.A. Mini Turbo (1980s turbocharged Mini with body kit)

Austin A40 Farina (1960s)
Riley One Point Five (Riley 1.5).
M.G.B. roadster Mk I open convertible.
M.G.C. roadster with half tonneau.
Triumph TR6 sports, both open and closed version convertible.
Riley Elf MK III. (revamp due 2004)
Wolseley Hornet MK I. (due 2004)
M.G. Magnette ZB (1950s). (early 2004)
Austin Westminster (1950s). (early 2004)
Wolseley 1500. (2004)
Wolseley Hornet Mk I "Crayford" convertible. (2004)

The Highway32 range includes:

Volvo P1800 Sports
Ferrari Dino 246
MG 'F' Sports
Sunbeam Rapier MK III
"Italian" Sports/Police Car
Hillman / Sunbeam Imp
SP250 V8 sports

Kits cost around £49.00, models with painted bodies around £85.00.

The 32Scale series of body kits includes:

Riley Elf Mk III - £16.00
Jaguar Mk X - £15.00
Escort RS2000 Mk II - £19.99
Austin Maxi - £19.99
Vauxhall Victor Estate - £19.99
Jaguar 420 - £19.99
Triumph Spitfire 4 Mark II - £19.99

Kind regards


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if it's a snot green bodyshell say NO!

Red is good as is pale blue and cream..

I shakily saw them at seans earlier.. I would have taken a pic, but I didnt feel like explaining to the camera shop how my lense shattered!


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I'll hear no bad words said against the finest of vehicles to bear the Austin badge, the Maxi.

My father had two of these beasts and loaded with a dingy on the roof-rack, two kids and accompanying paraphernalia, and a caravan behind we would set off on our European tour holidays.

To drive the Monaco circuit in a 1750 Maxi is a thrilling thing to an eight year old.

Oh, I could almost break my rule on street liveries for a Maxi.

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