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Hello Everyone,
We would just like to update you on our club. Selsdon slot car club is still successfully running and would like to welcome any new comers, who would like to join.
In the recent month we have had a few problems with our racing system so unfortunately we had to close the club for a few weeks.

But on a much happier note the problem has been resolved and we are now open and ready to enjoy a bit of track burning each Saturday evening.

This Saturday (17th) was our first Saturday back and it was nice to see the usual faces ready and raring to go!
We had a fun night which really highlighted how much we'd missed running the club and seeing our members.

The track has undergone a few changes lately. This is in order to give us the option of making our track into a 6-lane layout from the current four lane.
But this can only take place with more members coming through the doors as more marshals would be needed and more racers to make the racing more competitive.
We also have many ideas for new layouts we're willing to change to or we're also open to ideas and suggestions from others.

I'd like to also thank my current members for all their patients, determination & loyalty. The last few weeks have been a bit of a pain but you all were really understanding and looked forward to coming back Saturday.

With the track now fixed their will be many races and lots more competition will follow.

If anyone's interested in coming to our club then please just give us a message or reply to this post and we'll get back to you with details.

Once again a big THANK YOU to all our current members!!

Many regards Fred/Jane .

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Fred and Jane,
I hope that you have also sorted your domestic problems, fire is so distructive.
As your members may be aware we have started a new series of the champions league and your members are more than welcome to join in if they wish the next round will be at MHSC on the 30th October.
I wish you and your club all the best and hope the next year is a whole lot better for you on a personnel side
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