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· René 'Vialli' Christensen
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I don't see anywhere that SCX is doing the cars in near future!
Where exactly does it say SCX or Spainsh Scalextric on that page?????
I'm not convinced that you can go by the ascalextric at the top, but then again the drivers looks like SCX drivers by the look of the helmets!!

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René: You have to trust the spaniards!

I wonder if there are any big difference between this car and the one that won Le Mans 2002. I´m thinking of convert this SCX car or the kit from Le Mans Miniatures if the body is identical.

Kind regards // Richard

· MG Brown
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I have 1/18th diecasts of all of the LeMans winning Audis.

There are some small differences in the shape of the headlamp covers of the 2004 version that it appears that SCX did not capture. It is difficult to see on the SCX model but it would appear that the unique "box" endplates on the 2004 R8 were not replicated.

Otherwise it would appear from the pics that they have created a reasonable replica.

Another resource would be to look at LMM's 1/32 replica of the 2004 LeMans winner on their web page (although theirs seems to be in "qualifying" markings).
21 - 34 of 34 Posts
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