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And the award goes to...Supervlieg, although the eagle eyed Grunz spotted the unique shape of the front fender..and Matt most likely clicked on the image to check the image URL ( /Dallara_p217/teaser01.jpg)

But as the rule in (scale) motorsport with an ex aequo times in qualifying, he who sets the time first gets the prize...which is..a bit of honour

So yes Gentlemen here it is, a project with the rarest teethed hen of them all, a bespoke brand new LMP2 sportscar in the making.

to be continued....

with kind regards


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2017, new breed of Prototypes


In 2015 the FIA and ACO announced a new set of rules for LMP2 cars to be implemented in 2017. The goal of the new rules was, as ususal, improve competition, reduce costs, boast the grids with "customer teams".
The new LMP2's would have 4 chassis manufacturers and one spec engine. The tender to supply the chassis was won by Dallara, Onroak Automotive, Oreca and the joint-venture Riley Tech/Multimatic.
UK based Gibson Tech was chosen as the engine supplier so all cars run with the same 4,2L Gibson V8. On the other side of the pond, IMSA used the same rule set for its 2017 DPI class. But as previously in sportscar history in an adpted form to better suit the specific conditions of US sportscar racing. By fall 2016 the first images of the new breed of Prototypes started to appear on the web, and they looked promissing indeed.

So how would this new breed perform on the track?

Well, anyone that has watched the Monza prologue or the opening rounds of both the ELMS and the WEC at Silverstone will have to agree that for once..the FIA/ACO and IMSA have got it right.

The new breed of LMP2's look better, sound better and have way better performance than the old P2 cars. Instead of being the obvious second tier class..they've now become a class of their own.
The competition in the class is fierce and so far they've provided the fans with some epic far so good.

For more info on the new FIA LMP2 rules:

For more info on the differences between LMP2 and IMSA DPI:

to be continued...

with kind regards


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Tamar I think you even mentioned this project on one of our trips in the car between the hotel and the Henley sport complex!

Indeed they are quite nice as prototypes...but I still like the unique "ugliness" of the previous breed of DPs.

These new LMP2 look much like their big brothers, LMP1 cars.

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The Dallara P217 LMP2 slotcar..a joined project
Well guys, believe it or not, but the first 1/32nd Dallara LMP2 is supposed to run its first laps soon, very soon... in less than 3 weeks.
As Gio mentioned this project has been on my radar for a while, the need for new prototypes, and the reasons why no major manufacturer has done one, have been discussed here on SFI many times.
So we all dream of what cars we would like to see them make, its part of the hobby, and this project could have remained just an other pipe dream...

...had it not been for the joined efforts of some very talented young gentlemen: Stefan Kievit (S-Slot) and João Ferreira (Olifer 3D)

Mega Monza Jumbo kickstart
Two seperate events gave the project a final push forward, the newly formed Jumbo Racing Team Nederland plans to race a Dallara LMP2 at Le Mans and the 1/32 Mega Monza 6hrs Oxigen race.

Stefan had been playing with the idea of building a RTN Dallara for the 2018 oXygen Le Mans 24hrs and possibly use the Mega Monza race as a first test.
There's a strong resemblance between the Porsche 919 and the Dallara P217, he'd seen pictures of a Dutch modeller that had reliveried a 1/43 Porsche 919 model with very good results...
...and thought why not do the same with his 3DP 919. He already had the chassis so all he needed was to print a new body, some decals and yellow paint...


..that was until made the very sensible dicision to adjust the formula for the Mega Monza Sunday race to a sole LMP1 class and add DiSCA LMP2 & LMGT.
Which would suit the Dallara even more as it is originally a LMP2 car, but this also meant that Stefan he now needed an inline chassis...and needed it fast.

3d connections

One of the best things of racing in DiSCA events and the oXigen Le Mans 24hrs in particular, is that besides strong competition, there's also a strong sense of comradery amongst the competitors.

For them the events are just as much a place to race as a the place to talk, see and share the latest developments in slot car building, be it stock, scratch build or 3D design.
João Ferreira (Olifer 3D) had tried and tested his new inline 3DP motor pod in the Suzuka 6hrs race, scoring a class victory with the 3D chassis and pod at Le Mans.
So I contacted him to see if he would be willing to join in the project, cause him modifying his inline Olifer Pescarolo chassis to fit a Dallara body was the best option in the short time left.


And although this would actually mean designing a chassis for a direct competitor, João was imidateley enthousiastic about the project and ideas started to echange 3D files between him and Stefan.
With the inline chassis the needing more body modifications, Stefan decided to ditch the 919 design and started from scratch to draw a bespoke P217 body suitable for both inline and Aw motor configurations.
So there you have it, two young creative slotrace minds, more than a thousand miles apart, working together on a new LMP2 slotcar project. Its going to be tight, it might be a bit rough on the egdes...

...but if all goes well it looks like there's going to be a brand new Dallara P217 LMP2 slotcar on the grid at Mega Monza.

And that's not all...


A new breed of Slotcar Prototypes

One of the advantages of the digital revolution and the world wide web is that it is now possible for hobbiest to share their unique projects and make the final result available for the many.
Well maybe not that many, but at least for the DiSCA WEC events, there is a need for modern prototype slotcars with simpler technology than the fully scratchbuild LMP1's.

This Dallara P217 project might full fill that need as the tech specifications will be very much in line with what the general slotracer is accustomed to. (pun intended)

A one piece chassis, a simple sprung motor pod, screw mounted body with grubscrew adjusters, to be completed with generally avialable 1/32nd Slot parts .

If all goes well and the Dallara has been tried, tested and raced, it is most likely that the car will become available in kit form.

You might need to click on a few more sites to source all the parts you need to build this car, but assembling this LMP will require the same technical skills as a general white kit...

..ok maybe with a bit more primer and surface treatment for the 3DP body

But the plans for this project do include decals, vacformed clear and interior parts and nicely detailed resin inserts.

Le Mans and Daytona
As mentioned before in this post, the LMP2 Dallara has a brother that races in the USA, the Caddilac DPI, they share the same chassis and 80% of the same body work.

With that in mind Stefan is designing the 3D model of the P217 in such a way that the Dallara model can be easilly modified to create the 3d model for a Caddilac DPI.
Ok true easier said than done, but at least we're thinking of it.


To be continued...

with kind regards



more info on the Dallara p217 1/1 and 1/43

images of the 1/43 Dallara courtesy of

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Those look pretty awesome. On the one hand it's a bit disappointing that there are less oddball prototypes than there used to be, but if the standard approach to LMP2, and now LMP3, keeps endurance racing going then it's good news.

I saw the LMP3 cup in its first few rounds at Donington a few weeks ago, I might be tempted to try knocking up a livery on one of these LMP2s if they end up as a white kit :)

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