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I will go one step further and extend the topic a bit. I´m kind of reborn to this hobby myself and I was in the exact same situation as you where not too long ago. The analog Scalextric controllers and also (in my opinion) the powerbase is a total shame. They are not built for people who like slot car racing, but are cheap entry level stuff. I´m a big man, and I could almost feel the damn analog controllers go to pieces in my hand when i was racing with them.

I will probably get flamed for saying this, but I would say that most Scalextric cars are the same, cheap entry level stuff. So if you get seriously bitten, you will probably find yourself longing for and wanting to get some better performance/control cars like NSR or Slot.It (or other brands). To me, the Scalextric cars come out when I have friends over and want a friendly fun race for people who are inexperienced and when I dont want to be afraid to smash the cars up (the high resistant Audi´s are a hit here then on those events). When I want fun racing i take out my Slot.It cars or my NSR cars.

It´s such a difference in experience to drive on a track with a good powerbase, with good (enough) controllers, with good cars, and even more so with the magnets removed. Once you get there, you will most likely feel that racing a stock analog Scalextric set with stock analog controllers, stock analog powersupply and stock Scalextric cars where nothing but childs play compared to the joy you get driving on a one step better setup.

So what I wonder is if you should not widen your goal a bit more already now, and try to find a powerbase and controllers that work great together, because you will most likely want to replace the powerbase next. The Scalextric digital Advanced Powerbase and controllers are a huge step up in my opinion, and you can set the track to Analog and keep running it that way if you dont want to go digital, but you still have the option to in the future also experience digital racing by slapping in some lane changers and getting some digital chips (with that said, digital racing is not a taste for everybody).

If you dont want to spend TOOOOOOO much money, I would check out that option. A C7042, a couple of Scalextric digital controllers (cheap, but more robust then the analog ones and work better since they are digital) and two power supplies. Bit more expensive then buying two Parma controllers maybe, but you take a huge leap into control, get a powerbase that´s amazing for a home track (15v x 4 Amp on each lane), take your first step into digital and can still continue to do analog racing. Not to mention that you can buy a USB cable and hook the whole track up to your PC for RMS.

Just my 5 cents.
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