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Alan Tadd
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The best controller I have used for home layouts is by far is the Prof Motor range. Being electronic they allow you to drive magnet cars in the same progressive way you drive non-magnet cars.
very smooth and as said earlier they come with the correct connections for the Scalextric Power Base. Not for digital I'm afraid....
I am selling all my slotcars and ancillery equipment, so if you want some of these controllers I can let you have some....As they are used and you are a newcomer to the hobby, you can have them for £20 each plus P&P....(they may have a little overspray on them, as they are kept near my spray booth...but no charge for the paint!.....You can look at my website below to see the controllers/setup.
The difference between the awful Scalextric on/off buttons and the Prof motor units is like night and day.
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