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Just signed up to join this excellent site I've been reading for the last couple of months. I'm an Englishman currently working in the US and Scaletric was definitely my favourite toy as a kid. Well I recently bought a house with my girlfriend and a couple of weeks after buying the house I was looking round a store called Restoration Hardware that sells a lot of decor for homes including old style fittings for kitchens....which is what I was looking for. They also sell a lot of what they call executive toys! They had a Pony Car Wars Scalextric Sport set. I was intrigued and thought I'd have a look. This was about 3 weeks after Christmas and they had quite a few sets. Regular price $150 sale price $37!!!! I had to buy one! A Mustang, a Camaro and a offset oval track layout. A bit of research and I have bought a bit more track, an RMS set to do some track planning and 5 more cars. Planning to build a permanent layout and have seen much to inspire me on this and other websites. Have to get the new house up to standard first. My other half is very understanding (she thinks my slot car habit is cute!) but a new kitchen is more of a priority for some reason.....

PS - the best thing about getting back into this hobby is what happenend to a friend of mine. I told him about the deal I got at the store and told him he had to buy a set. Sure enough he did and when he was walking back to store a guy ran across the walkway and went up to him and demanded to know where he got his set from! (His girlfriend did not look to impressed!) There are a lot of us out there!

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Welcome to SlotForum! Wow, that's a real bargain that you picked up! I hadn't realised that Scalextric-USA had finally seen the writing on the wall. The only way to grow this wonderful hobby of ours is to get it in front of the masses; and getting sets and cars into shopping malls, big box and discount stores is a sure-fire recipe for success.

Please introduce your friends to SlotForum as well!

With kind regards

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