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Hi all. My name is Ian and im from the peterborough (uk) area.10 years (!) ago now i use to have a small set and do a bit of carpet racing but nothing special, so now at the age of 24 , i thought i would give it another go and it looks like iam in the hobby for the long term!
. I think my wallet has just heard me say that as it has just legged it out the door!
so for now, i need to get it back, once that is sorted, i will be then able to get some more done to a small analog layout that i have just started
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Welcome Ian - compared to most hobbies your wallet won't take as much of a beating.

If you want to check some club racing out you'd be most welcome at Wellingborough, a couple of our regulars come from Peterborough so lift sharing could even be an option
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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