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I think praise ought to go to Danny, Alan, Neil, James, Mario, Peter Frank (Hoover man) Rich, Lee, Julian, Graham, for a outstanding effort on this track, few more bits to do. I have a lot of pictures of the build which I will put up on photobucket.


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Hi Mark

Thanks, chaps worked hard to get this track up and running, we need a skip to clear out the rest of the wood and old computer etc.

Cars that we are most likely to run are (someone chip in from Molesey if I have this wrong)

1. Classics - and NSR
2. inline as per our opening event
3. as per SIC but I'm not sure as we will end up with all GT's
4. NSR GT i.e. Porsche, Corvette and Audi
5. 1/24th?
6. some sort of Saloon class, not sure what

To be honest we have spent so much time building the track, we haven't sat down and talked about the classes.

I'm sure you will have a chance to pop down and try, I have a few cars you can use.

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QUOTE (Mr Croker @ 11 May 2012, 10:37) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Cool. Those must be the cars that can take the corner at the end of the straight flat out then

Look forward to it

We are providing hockey masks for people marshalling were Julian is sitting at the end of the straight!

It's a relative easy track to learn which helps with racing against other people and not the track.

Should be interesting with the club Nascars with mags in, going to have a few dents in the clubhouse walls I should think!

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First club meeting to iron out the problems went well, good to see Ian and Mark down the club and thanks Mark for the QualityStreet!


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New bridge section finished, After much thought we came to the decision to change the bridge section to allow room for a marshall and I feel it has improved the track even more.

Thanks to Neil, James, Danny and Graham. Outstanding work over the weekend and Monday. Thank you


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QUOTE Thanks for the photo Phil!!!

So K, for a while I thought you had gone to the shops and forgot you were under the track, lol

Lucky we didn't talk about you ay..

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The two images below show 1st - before and 2nd - after, now we have a space to marshal the two corners, which before we had to use a litter picker type grabber.


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Well done lads...... I bet you must be pleased now, it looks great, I hope that my input (however small) was appreciated, although I'm sure not by the ones that got dragged down to alter it........ I'm sure it will be worth every second of your valuable time.....

I would be interested in how long the bridge section took to change..

Looking forward to the meeting in June, see you all then, unless I can creep out one Monday or Thursday

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