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New Ninco Peugeot 307 Caption Competition

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QUOTE (daleg @ 21 Oct 2004, 13:46)New clearcoat paint does exactly what it says on the tin

LOL, excellent!
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How Peugeot wished they hadnt put the window winder so close to the door handle on the new gull wing doors

On the same note

Marcus soon realised he hadnt pressed the right button to lower the window, instead he had released the door and made the ejector seat ready to fire........
ninco's problem with square wheels reahes new extremes!

at least the map will stay dry

sorry there was dirt in my eyes i didnt se the rock
Navigator to Driver
"Jacques, these orders say to drop off 30 kilos of Brie and 40 Croissants at the palace in Basra, turn North, stop and pick up spent nuclear fuel rods at palace in Tikrit, turn West for Syria after picking up Uday and Quasay, stop before check point get white flag and make up big lie of why we are here!"
Illustrating the new 'Direct Drive' concept from Peugeot, where the pistons act directly on the half shaft, thus finally eliminating any need for old-fashioned power-sapping and now pointless crank shafts. Omission of the gear box is an added bonus.
Quote from Moped, "This is the future of motor racing!!!"
"Gronholm looking for works Citroen drive next season..."

I think Jimster71 has to be the winner... although lowrider comes close!

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daleqs is the best by far IMHO, missed it first time round! Top reply
Jonny S' new scrutinising method did not go down well with the members of the club.

Ninco marketing failled to grasp the best way to make a car for the new Miticos magazine part-work.
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Inspired by Scott's above post.

"Andy was anxiously awaiting part three of the new Ninco magazine series..."

Ten seconds before this photo was taken, guest commentator Murray Walker was saying, '...and the car looks absolutely solid...'

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Is this Ninco's make of Rally Miticos and this is what the car should look like after 3 issues?
Oh didnt see that someone had already done the Miticos.
"At the first bend, Gronholm went to pieces..."
"Gronholm was having trouble keeping it all together"
"Are you sure this is a targa roof?"


"The bloke said it just needs a bit of filler and it'll be as good as new"


"You're such a pessimist, we've still got 3/4 of it left!"
" I told you that sign meant sawmill!"
21 - 40 of 44 Posts
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