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Hi all.
Finally, version 0.34 of the oXigen Chrono software is available.
A lot of work has been put into this release. Compared to 0.32, there are no new features, but we've concentrated in fixing the issues that as far as we can tell were quite annoying for a few users.
In particular, now the software can be used by any user on the PC, not only Admin, and a few problems with positioning of files in directories have been addressed. Install however must be made by a user with admin provileges (not necessarily the 'admin' user)

You can download it from

0 - make sure you are a user with 'admin' privileges. Not necessarily THE 'admin' user like before.
1 - Uninstall the previous version and remove directory C:/user/Documents/Slotit_O2_chrono and all its contents
2 - Download the file from our website:
3 - extract the 'Volume' directory from the zip archive, and launch setup
4 - the installer places the application software inside C:/Programs/Slotit_O2_chrono, and places in directory C:/user/Documents/.. the directories containing the USB driver and audio files used by the Chrono sw.
5 - With XP and Win7: Like I said, any user with admin powers, but not necessarily the 'admin' user, can install and use this software, which can be run, after install, directly by the user which performed the install procedure. In other words: install it and run it.
6 - If you want to enable ANY users to run the software it is necessary for the user with admin privileges to copy the directory C:/Users/<your admin user name>/Documents/Slotit_O2_chrono/SupportFiles/SettingFiles/Audio in C:/users/<name_of_the_non_admin_ user>/Documents/Slotit_O2_chrono/SupportFiles/SettingFiles/Audio, or a message error will pop up, informing you that the sound files cannot be found. All other files are created automatically.
7 - Got Vista? Try Chrono anyway, if it doesn't work, then you probably have more bigger problems with VISTA anyway

Please report any bugs you may come across.
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