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New Phoenix Slot Racing Club Website

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The new Phoenix Slot Racing Website is up and running, (just about) if anyone is interested.

We're hoping to make it reasonably interactive offering results from club nights along with information from the club based solely on the club side.

If you are a club member and want more info, then please let me know.

More information is being added to the site on an almost daily basis!
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Hi Wibbly
Great to see that you are back racing at Phoenix and that Thursday nights have been ressurrected as a result.
The new website looks great and will be a super addition to the club - your old forum was always very popular.
I think you need to make some amendments to the home page mate as far as it relates to Monday nights. It is not just magnet only, it is a mix of both - 3 mag and 2 non mag classes which gives highly competitive racing in a friendly environment. It gives a blend of both so that newcomers can race box standard cars with magnets and progress towards non mag racing if they want to. After all our Dads and Lads night is where a lot of racers started including yourself !
It is a fantastic start to racing and also provides those that race the ability to progress without the additional expense that racing all non mag classes brings particularly if you are racing with your son/daughter as I have for the last 7 years.
I think you need to make some amendments along the lines of the above so that it is right from day one as after all this is what the world will see.
Why does the description for Thursday racing night start with the word meanwhile? Don't think that gives the right impression, it reads a bit dismissive of the Monday night section.

Jon is still running the club and will pass on your regards when I see him on Monday.


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Hi Alex.

Jon who runs the club is away at present so will not pick up your post for a few days.
I can confirm that the new website contains the correct times.
You would be more than welcome to come across, Mondays would be the best night to start with and we do try to finish up as close to nine as possible so that the youngsters can get away at a reasonable time.
I will get Jon to confirm the exact costs for membership and racing.
Cars and controllers are provided.
Ladies are more than welcome to race. Dads and Lads is the name that was historically given for the nights racing but it was changed to family night some time ago - the new website will need to changed in respect of this ( it was changed on the older website ).
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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