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New Phoenix Slot Racing Club Website

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The new Phoenix Slot Racing Website is up and running, (just about) if anyone is interested.

We're hoping to make it reasonably interactive offering results from club nights along with information from the club based solely on the club side.

If you are a club member and want more info, then please let me know.

More information is being added to the site on an almost daily basis!
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I have a few questions, if I may.

The open times on the 'club info' page are:
Monday 6 pm til 8.30 pm - Junior Championship
Tuesday 6pm til 9 pm - Family Night
Thursday 6pm til 11.30pm - Senior Championship Night
Saturday 10 am til 1.30 pm - Open race session

But the new website says 7-9pm Mondays, and 7:30-10pm Thursdays.

I presume the new website is the correct information, but are those times permanent? If my family's interest continues I'd like to come across and check out your club/circuit, but you are 40 minutes away and I don't want to keep an 11 year old up too late.

What are the current membership and racing costs? I can't see these listed on the new website.

Would cars be provided, at least short term, or would we need to bring our own?

Also the 'Dads and Lads' night gives the impression that Ladies are unwelcome, is this the case? The 3 of us enjoy racing, and would likely all want to join in.

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