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Wood Font Automotive tire Composite material Fashion accessory

I have the following track, borders and accessories leftover from my Policar track build, it is all new and unused. I'd looking to do some swaps for the borders listed below

Available -

2 full straights

3 half straights

3 short straights

5 short straight borders

1 powerbase, plug and controllers (includes half straight)

1 bridge support set

2 R1 curves

4 R2 curves

2 R1 outer borders

7 R2 outer borders

I'd like

R1 inner border x 12 or 16

R2 inner border x 2

straight border x 3 or 4

End border right x2

I'm open to other swaps (slot cars, old Ninco DTM/GT1, resin kits, try me!) but primarily I'd like the borders I need. If no one can help I will sell the surplus track listed above.




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