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Can anybody explain why some new posts aren’t appearing when I hit the ‘NEW’ button?
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I’ve got a thread ‘a working flag waver’ that is Track and Scenery, while earlier replies appeared when I hit the NEW button, they don’t not now.
Should say they don’t now !
Realise that it isn‘t instant- but the last few posts on the thread have not appeared - I check in a number of times each day!
Hi Greg
Not ignoring anybody- doing nothing differently to normal!
Ade’s test reply has not shown up in the ‘NEW posts’ yet
It is weird!
I’ve got nothing ticked in the filters -just checked.
I have looked at new content from all the forums for years with no problem, on my ipad -ie I’m doing nothing different from usual!!
Like you,when I go back into SF I immediately hit the NEW button to read anything new that catches my eye from any of the forums
So am I doing something wrong?
The two test replies - one from Ade and one from me -haven’t appeared tonight in the new posts
Thanks Leo - I’ll try that
1 - 10 of 25 Posts
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