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New Scalextric GT40

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Just saw this on ebay: New GT40

Is it really available now? Or is this guy trying to get his pre orders up? And don't even get me started about how much it's currently at!!
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i always thought it was the gt44 because of the bubble they put in the roof for the taller drivers
the wheels have come out a bit strange on the scalextric model, they are kind of convex instead of concave
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Very nice. I like the engine detail. Too bad their aren't any liveried versions.
Wrong, for the Targa that setup must of been in 1965 GT39 it ran as a roadster. 1966 OK back to coupes.
Seriously, Minimetal the Gurney Bubble and other aids for taller drivers came after the design and they did occupy a small amount of roof space. The cars were still 40.5" and some tall drivers could get into them as some had lowered flat floors.
Regards Allan
I see what you mean about the wheels, Scalextric have modeled the wheels on this version:

Rather than the type featured on the car below:

Looks nicer than anticipated & whilst we are talking of supercars; I read on another forum that the Muira is expected this month too!

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Images now on eBay - guess the seller has got them after all.
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Thanks for that pic Jamie - I hadn't seen those wheels before. I vaguely prefer the concave ones, but I can live with the convex ones knowing they are real and not a mistake!
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