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New SCX rally cars from Spain.

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Hi everybody,

Here are some photos of my latest purchases from SCX/Scalextric Spain:

The Rallye San Remo Fulvia is a digital version.

It is easy to choose digital or analogue by using a small switch, accessible from the bottom.


Tire Car Wheel Vehicle Snow

Lancia Fulvia 1.6HF, Sandro Munari, winner Rallye Monte Carlo 1972.

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Sky

Lancia Fulvia 1.6HF, Amilcare Ballestrieri, winner Rallye San Remo 1972.

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Wheel Tire

Alpine Renault A110, Michelle Mouton, 11th overall, Rallye Monte Carlo 1976.

Car Vehicle Tire Automotive design Racing

Lancia Delta Integrale, Juha Kankkunen, winner Safari Rally 1991.


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do you have pictures of the bottom, and the chassis showing the motor?
Hi rekim,

These photos will make it clear:

Tire Wheel Car Toy Vehicle

The opened SCX Advance Lancia Fulvia 1.6HF.

Automotive tire Font Auto part Computer hardware Automotive exterior

The mentioned switch.


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What's the new motor like compared to the RX? Is the Deltona's drivetrain any less, erm, rubbish than the old one?
The new 42FR motor is more powerful than the RX, which is smoother. The Integrale isn't bad at all, but it is only two wheel drive.

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Thanks for your superb pics above. A propos your comment about the Lancia, is 4WD an advantage?

I've got just two 4WD slot cars - the Loeb Citroen and IMSA Audi 90 - and both go very well, but I haven't noticed a big difference in any departments of tractability.

Will be interested to read your views, and those of others, please.
SCX cars with the double shafted RX-91B motor, results in a rigid 4WD system, with more understeer at the beginning and less oversteer at the end of a bend.

If you go, with such a car, too fast into a bend, it wants to go straight into the bushes, because the inner front wheel does not like to follow the curve.

A 2WD car will forgive you more by going much easier sideways, which is very useful at the beginning of a bend, but at the end you would wish for 4WD.

Belt driven 4WD cars try to reach the best of both worlds by keeping the car better neutral (SRC, Ninco, TeamSlot).

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The ideal setup for me is to have a bit of clearance under the front wheels so I suppose you could question why bother with 4WD. But when you corner the car rocks and then with shaft drive you get as much traction at the front as you do at the back.

I prefer shaft driven 4WD as a rule but if all four wheels are in contact then it's like an original Quattro - a bit agricultural and not very nimble. I've never had an issue with understeering out of the slot, but maybe I come off the throttle too early! That said, the Fly Quattro has a tiny drop arm that serves no obvious purpose except to allow a bit of 'give' when cornering hard.

I find that 4WD with the extra drag on the motor helps to tame long can motors and increase braking power. They don't accelerate as well and lack the outright speed of 2WD models but over a race distance it can be an advantage not to be forever breaking traction out of the corners and either sliding or hopping when you want to be going forwards.
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cool...look so awesome....wondering which supplier you got them from...
Love the Lancia and the Alpine.
Just something about the style and size.
Are these digital / analogue switched cars compatible with UK Scalextric digital as this is all new to me. Im prepping my area for a build that I hope to start in a couple of months but I have all scalextric digital track and some classic bits ready for it.?

If they are compatible and switchable that seems the perfect scenario for everyone.
Are these digital / analogue switched cars compatible with UK Scalextric digital as this is all new to me.
No, they are not. The lane changing solenoid is positioned in the car not in the track.

In this topic you can find more about the latest Digital SCX system:

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thanks for that, I love the look of the old rally cars and I've got a few Scalextric ones already.
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