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This is the time of the year when most clubs implement rule and class changes. Lets have a closer look at why these are done and what should be avoided.

Class changes : Why get rid of a class ?
The main reason for getting rid of a class as far as I see it is often cars become outdated and are no longer available. This is probably not a problem for established racers but for new members a big problem. We all know it can be difficult to attract new people to the hobby so clubs must make it as easy as possible for new members to be able to buy equipment.

Another reason for dumping a class is it has become less enjoyable and competitive for various reasons. Both clubs I race at have got rid of their rally classes and absolutely correctly. Again some of the competitive cars had become difficult to get and those that were available resembled GT3 cars more than a genuine rally car.

Any new classes should be of cars that are readily available and any changes to standard should be allowed to make the cars run better ie. spring kits, smaller front tyre and upgraded rear tyres.

Changes to existing rules :

Any changes to existing rules must be done to improve the competitiveness of the racing and not just on the whim of the organisers.
A genuine reason for a change would be again the unavailability of a part, usually a motor.
Another reason for a change would be to make sure the members dont bend the rules to their advantage, an example of this would be to implement a minimum tyre depth to avoid drivers running their cars mega low and getting too much downforce from the motors.

Things to avoid are silly rules like penalties for missing wheel trims and mirrors, these sort of rules just irritate members and could cause them to leave.
Dont make changes just for the sake of it, this will cause unnecessary expense and alienate members.
You must also remember the club organisers are there to make the racing more enjoyable and competitive for the members not the other way around.

Hope these points help any newly set up clubs or inexperienced people who have taken on the mantle of organisation of late.

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