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New semi-permanent layout build thread

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Well, the Scalextric track arived yesterday
. I have just returned from what will most likely be the first bof many trips to B&Q
, stocking up on timber and MDF sheets.

I will post pics here as the build progresses. Feel free to poke fun if necessary
but constructive critisism is most welcome
I have never done this sort of thing before so shout out guys and gals.

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I have access all around the board, which is handy for de-slots.

this I expect will only be the first incarnation. I plan to run with it over Christmas, tweak cars and elevation changes etc before getting stuck into scenery etc. The squiggly esses on the left hand side I intend to climb uphill, then the peak of the rise will be the centre loop than a gradual drop back down for the straight on the right hand side of the table. Anyway, we'll see!

I am building the base from 9mm MDF on a frame made from 33x44mm timber. This will sit on a handful of fold-away 6ft picnic tables. I need to figure out where to make the board join, as I need it to be in two pieces for storing away when not in use.

I have the 7042PB and will be sending the pit gameto Rich for modding. then I will run the SSDC software.
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QUOTE (Rhosneigr Gaz @ 9 Dec 2011, 22:00) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Bloody hell thats large!! Where you standing in all that??? I'd also put a lane change somewhere in the twisty section somewhere???

I went through 12 plan variations in the design software whilst reading opinions on here. Opened up the hairpins instead of using 2x R1's. I originally planned on curved lane-changers, but felt there was too much neg feedback regarding those so stuck with the straight ones. there is a spot with two r2's that I could change for the lane swap track at a leter stage if I decide it's needed. I guess the reasoning is that I don't want too many crash-prone areas as my buddies and I get used to slot racing after decades in hibernation!!! For the moment, we will have to plan ahead and change lanes for the twisty back section prior to entering the esses! This decision could be the crucial one during a race, if a driver gets stuck behind a pace car or a slower driver!!! I can't see atm how to get a proper lane change in the twisty bits.

We will be running magless, so I hope this track will prove to be a challenge! My biggest concern right now is the single lane pit. I just don't know how to fit a two lane in there and still have room for buildings.

The drivers will all stand on the back straight, opposite the pits, at least until wireless controllers are available!
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Yeah, it's some stupid metric size. Looked like 2x2 to my ole eyes!

As for the scenery, I have bought a lot of trees and buildings from flea bay. As a kid, I never had any buildings or the like. I have never done scenery, so I am looking forward to making grassy banks and rocks etc. I am going for the sixties era. This forum is great for inspiration. I just hope I can do 50% as well as some of the guys on here!
Well, here she is fella's. I chipped a Scalextric GT40 and a Revell Corvette and ran some laps. Initially I removed the magnet fromthe GT40, thinking I was man enough. I wasn't!!! So magnet back in.

All the lane changers work. I haven't installed any power taps yet. Was no apparent need last night, but I guess when 6 cars are running, things could be different.

My tables arrive today, so the layout will be at a more convenient height by this evening! Too old for all that crawling around on the floor!!! I am aching this morning!

I haven't downloaded the SSDS software yet (that happens this morning), I just plugged in the Scaley power base and turned a few laps. That tower thing is a nightmare to get used to and the manual is next to useless. I figured more out after dropping it in the trash!

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Here's an update for you.

I have made some alterations to the layout. Opened up the tightest turns and made the esses less severe, plus I developed the pits into a two laned section. I have also been busy chipping cars like crazy! Let me know what you think so far.
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The average lap time is 10.8 seconds. Surprisingly, the fastest lap so far is the Revell Corvette with a 9.8

Rather typical for Porsche, the 906 is very tail-happy, but great fun!
Here is the latest track plan. I am still not sure about the hairpin after the esses. It's fantastic to drive with the following R/L kink, but the pace cars dont like it too much, unless I have them drive real slow!
There will be more experimenting today........... Stay tuned! LOL

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QUOTE (mspv12 @ 23 Dec 2011, 10:57) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I am still not sure about the hairpin after the esses.

I should say, 'what was the hairpin after the esses', it's hardly a hairpin anymore! The pace cars still don't like the apex though.

The Bud was a momentary lapse of reason! I am now gently sipping away at a Spitfire. Does that now make me eligible for free tires???
My 906 is also a Fly. Those tires are very strange. At the moment it simulates an early 911 Turbo in the wet!

Repaint the Guitar? You no like??

I have modded turn one and the turn after the esses again since the post above. The layout works great now for pace cars
I'll post another update track plan tomorrow. More Spitfires need drinking now!!! In the meantime, below are photo's of the new turns.

Enjoy The Holiday Season.

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