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New semi-permanent layout build thread

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Well, the Scalextric track arived yesterday
. I have just returned from what will most likely be the first bof many trips to B&Q
, stocking up on timber and MDF sheets.

I will post pics here as the build progresses. Feel free to poke fun if necessary
but constructive critisism is most welcome
I have never done this sort of thing before so shout out guys and gals.

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QUOTE (mspv12 @ 23 Dec 2011, 10:57) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I am still not sure about the hairpin after the esses.

I should say, 'what was the hairpin after the esses', it's hardly a hairpin anymore! The pace cars still don't like the apex though.
Great looking track. Well done.

Two bits of advice though: repaint that guitar, or it will give you a headache, and stop drinking Budwieser, it's the beer equivalent of Lambrini!

What make is the 906? Mine's a Fly and I think they've put tractor tyres on it by mistake - handles like a wheelbarrow with a slow puncture. When I've got time, I'm going to make some much lower profile urethanes for it. I'll gladly send you a pair to try if you want (no charge, as long as you promise to try weaning yourself off Bud).

Have a great time blasting around over christmas
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The Bud was a momentary lapse of reason! I am now gently sipping away at a Spitfire. Does that now make me eligible for free tires???
My 906 is also a Fly. Those tires are very strange. At the moment it simulates an early 911 Turbo in the wet!

Repaint the Guitar? You no like??

I have modded turn one and the turn after the esses again since the post above. The layout works great now for pace cars
I'll post another update track plan tomorrow. More Spitfires need drinking now!!! In the meantime, below are photo's of the new turns.

Enjoy The Holiday Season.

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Yeah...Spitfires are good...

...the Flt.Lt. knows a good Spitty I'm sure !

Hurricane, could handle better though...
...Check what 'Johnney Red' flys; he's seen some action !!!

Some of my favorite lady friends have favoured a 'Lambrini' or 2, not a bad beverage in my opinion !

Nice lookin' track...

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