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New Shockslot wheels

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Hi friends, here is an image of a new type of wheels made here in Rome by Shockslot. The wheel is in three pieces ; as you can see, the tyre mounted, glued and sanded can be removed and changed in a few seconds without the need to remove the hub from the axle and remake the gear meshing.
At the right are the three pieces disassembled and the key used to fix the external ring. Ciao !
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I saw these in Spain and though they look very fine, two things struck me immediately..

First they work out fairly expensive with all the parts and the tool itself,
secondly how do you go about changing the design? They are limited to this elongated 3 slot format as far as I can see, due to the shape of the tool required.
For racing I can see the advantage of fast changes with ready prepared tyres and rims but thats it ?
Maybe that is the only point - fast race wheel changing.
The three spoke outer rim is for the tool to fit into and unscrew. The tool end comprises of three elongated slots. It is an expensive tool and they would have to bring out a new tool shape for each wheel style to differ it.

From what I could see when I had a brief glance, the outer rim locks the tyre section onto the inner rim, which in turn screws onto the axles.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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