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Interesting question!!

I have been into slot cars for over 20 years since my parents bought me a Nightstages set. As a teenager I bought loads of cheap cars (only got paperround wages) and some new or expensive old cars were on finance whereby I paid £3 or so each week until I had paid the correct price (this is why I miss decent local modelshops, run by cracking people). In my 20's I was on low wages so new cars were a treat. Now in 2009 to 2011 I bought any slot car I liked, occasionally 2 or 3 cars in a week, no worries from my wife. 2012, space is very limited for new cars so I am now sticking (mostly) to a list of cars I want (still a long list).

I can afford new cars because I work long hours. My wife doesn't mind at all.

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