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Hi there all..

Intrestring thread..... please read...

I have been back into slot cars for approx 4 years now, after quite a long break from the hobby..

As a lot of you know, I am very much into converting unusual cars/vehicles into slot cars, especially Muscle cars, pickups, vans etc, and anything TV or Movie related..
First of all I started purchasing cheap slotcars from E Bay or direct from suppliers (If the price was right) for these conversions (which I still do) so I have aquired over the years probably approx 100+ complete cars, various chassis from various manufacturers for this purpose... To date approx 100+.

Very soon after being bitten by the "slot car bug" again, I found the Pendle slot car club, here in Lancashire, about 20 mins away from me.. This started me on the racing side again.. Great fun, but of course then I had to purchase suitable cars for the different classes they run..

A few of my fellow Pendle club members, suggested I entered some of the special events, organised around the country. These are mainly for scratchbuilt cars from various years, style of cars and classes.
This part of scratch building, usually building resin bodies and scratchbuilt brass chassis , for concours and racing, I enjoy very much, and have had the fortune to have won a few concours trophies at various events.

Then we have the usually new "Ready to Runs" purchased from various manufacturers from arond the world.. These ammount at a last count of approx 580+ boxed cars..Some I do occasinally use, but most are "display only"...
Normally I purchase these because I like the car, style or for a special collection like "Nascars", Classic Nincos, Carrera Muscle cars, etc. I also sometimes collect Ltd Edition or Event cars..

Basically I put my Slotcar purchases down to .. Cars I need for a specific conversion/scratchbuild, Club race cars, RTRs that I especially like, either to use or display, and selected Ltd Editions & Event Cars..

Quite often, buying wisely, after a few years (even in some cases months) certain cars seem to start fetching sometimes silly money and can be good investments, certainly better than money in the bank.
But dont forget, cars are only worth, what some is prepared to pay for it..

Have fun with the hobby, and enjoy yourself, no mater what scale you are into..

All the best.. Martin.
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