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New Slot & Train combined Layout under Construction

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I wish I had looked on here 7 months ago before I started building my track! There is some fanstastic info and pics on here and many very talented modellers on here. Thanks to you all and I hope you don't mind me taking bits that inspire me from here.

Anyway here are my efforts... My track will eventually go into my loft in my house in Austria which is 15ft square with a central hatch for access. I'm building the boards in my London flat on 4ft x 2ft boards and part finished 1st and started on the 2nd. Given that I have to transport them 600 miles and get them into the loft this the max size I can do. Conservatory area is getting a bit full in my flat!!

This 1/32 scale rail curve has a radius of just a bit over 1 metre So these 2 boards together make a corner of the loft.

Given this has taken me 7 months. I estimate completion late 2016!!
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Perhaps off-topic but, if you are constructing a move-able layout with Scaley Sport track, keep in mind the continuity of the track will suffer over time. I had 100' of Sport track mounted on a large platform that was braced underneath, and was designed to be lifted and leaned against a wall when not in use. After a few months, I started having all sorts of intermittent power issues, even with 4 power taps. The track was clipped down, glued down and even screwed down in a few places, but there were still problems. Eventually I just tore the whole thing down, sold the plastic track and built a wood track.

Consider either using copper tape or soldering connections between track sections if you're going to be moving the track regularly.

Sorry, double-post. Internet is a bit slow.

1 - 2 of 120 Posts
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