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Hi everyone.

After a brief flirtation with SSD a few years ago on a basic set, im ready to invest a bit more time and money into this great hobby. So its about time i joined up here, to tap into the knowledge everyone here has, and hopefully in time add something too - so nice to meet you all.

Im going to go with SSD with the 6 car powerbase, on a layout on my rug at first about 2.8 meters by 1.8. Eventually, once my Apple Mac gets windows installed I'll be running SSDC (see ive done research!), and hopefully get the pit lane too. My question is really the best and cheapest way to go about this... and get the best starter kit.

I think my options are:

1 - Order from jadlam one of their custom sets with knockabout cars, upto the 400 quid mark
2 - Similar from LDDiscounts, upgrade the 4 car unit to 6 car and get cars seperately
3 - Get a basic off the shelf kit and buy track seperately

The easiest option seems to be from jadlam, but a quick seach here shows many people unhappy with their service - are they to be trusted in case im unhappy with my order? Or is there anyone else out there doing custom sets for a good price?

Anyway, thanks in advance for any replies, I appreciate it! Im looking to buy in the next day or two...

Alfie Noakes
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Welcome mohip, wow, you have done your research!

I use (occasionally) SSDC on a mac, running it on windows xp on Virtual Desktop, without any trouble at all, so I recommend that route.
Keeps your mac maccy too, so you can do other stuff at the same time.

I avoid Jadlam, based on personal experience, but others are happy with them.

I would suggest to buy a nearly new digital set off of ebay. You should be able to pick up a digital driver set (3 boxsters/nissans) for around the £50-80 mark, which will give you cars, controllers, c7042 compatible transformer, lanechangers, etc. Maybe even buy two sets...!
I've got most of my digital stuff 2nd hand from ebay, so look out for sets for sale in your area so you can collect to save postage.

Depending on budget, have the Digital Platinum set for £450 at the moment, and it was down to about £300 around xmas, so used ones might be worth keeping an eye on.

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Hi Mohip ....... Welcome - you've come to the right place

Take a trip to your local Scalextric dealer as they may well have some Christmas stock they want to shift. I have always found that they are likely to offer a good discount if boxes aren't shifting.

All the best - Greg
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