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New Test Rig. Testing Past 10ms

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Test Rig currently being built to test up to 15m/s across all id, no it won't be a rug racing affair but purpose built

As we know Scorpius already tested at 10m/s and passed with flying colours
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I hope you have a long viewing distance, if that de-slots it will be more lethal than a bullet!

Projected speed? 20m/s?
OK, just did the maths. delta velocity is sqrt 2x9.81x1.81 = 6m/s so it will vary +/- 3m/s from the average.

So if your average speed is 12.5m/s then peak at the bottom will be 15.5m/s and at the top 9.5m/s
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Nah DRC, my way - the potential energy gets converted to kinetic energy, so potential energy = kinetic energy. Your original equation is correct

So mass cancels out and you get 0.5 x velocity squared = gravitational acceleration x height

I'll go slowly here

velocity squared is therefore 2x gravitational acceleration x height

so velocity is the square root of (2x gravitational acceleration x height)

gravitational acceleration is 9.81m/s2

height is 1.8m

velocity is the squareroot of (2x9.81x1.8) m/s

squareroot of (36) is 6 m/s

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OK, I bow to the professor, mine assumes it accelerates at 9.81m/s2 for 1.8m. But the faster it is going the less chance the car has to accelerate.
right at the bottom. But, it makes no odds, although DRC suggested it makes a significant difference to the speed, by his calculation its less than 1m/s
Touchy as I used to work there and so many people make the C mistake:

McClaren => McLaren

Mc or Mac is the Gaelic form of "son of". So son of Laren or in English we would have said Larenson or similar.

No capital C in McLaren.
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