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Having recently gone the routed digital route and running just Scaley sports gt and lmp cars i also changed all the rear tyres to urethane's.

These give just the right amount of grip on the surface wich is painted in of the shelf grey emulsion. However after much racing
it became apparent that some of the cars had a tendency to bunny hop round some of the corners.

So after a bit of research on here i found that applying a small radii to the edge of the corner of the rear tyre was the way to go.

Having done this and slacking the rear body screws a little and the screws that hold the interior in place the car now laps .4 of a second quicker,but more importantly is a lot more consistent and easier to drive at the limit.

So next up is to make a home made tyre truer and glue the tyre's in place.

Thanks to all for sharing all the tips and tricks it has made a huge difference.
just a few more car's to do now,when will i get the scenery finished.
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