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Still no tinkering!

In the meantime I got hold of some new cars from a US based eBayer, and very nice they are as well.

1. Carrera Mustang 2005 Traffic Patrol


Points to note: Very smooth on the track, best light bar on a Police car yet - the lights 'strobe' - all that is missing is some form of battery so that they remain in operation after power is decreased/off, and then the car would be nigh on perfect.

2. Revell Honda Civic / Acura



I only had a chance to photograph these two before handing them over to clubmates, so no 'on track' action report just yet. Some more are on their way, and they are destined for use. Funky looking cars with 'kid drivers' (dudes with baseball caps on 'the wrong way') and over sized wheels. No lights (the Carrera "Drifters" have got lit interiors I think), but I'm sure that I can rectify that later!

My only problem now is which club class can I squeeze these cars into?
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