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This is for a scaley digital.

I have 2 4x8 tables in an 'L' that I'm looking to switch up as I've had this layout of about 37' going along the outside with an 'S' type wiggle in the far corner for a while.

It was great (and still is) when my son was 5, but now he's older and a little more challenge might do.

I do have the option of adding another 4x8 table and making it a 'J'. I've thought about this a little and it seems that the 4' width on the table is not ideal and limits things a little bit. So i'm also willing to add an edger board along any of the tables to make it more accommodating, or even make it an 8x8 although I worry a bit about getting to the cars easily in this case.

Any ideas? Thanks!
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