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Thursday, August 2nd - Denver Post

In a secretive move, Palmer Divide Raceway owner, David Reinecke, completed a deal to purchase the neighboring ranch with acreage that includes a horse racing track.

His plans for this acquisition are to pave and enlarge the current dirt track, allowing Grand National Stock Car events to be held in addition to the vintage Trans Am and sports car racing that PDR currently hosts.

Currently, the track paving is completed, and consists of a mile-long oval with a large infield section, providing ample room for infield facilities.

The existing grandstands are also being refurbished until further plans for new stands are submitted.

"We're obviously very excited about this opportunity to bring Grand National events to Colorado in the very near future. With the excitement this style of racing provides for many fans, I have no doubt about the viability of this endeavor. It's a great deal all-around for PDR.

I've had many of the greatest drivers request this type of venue after their experiences with our great facilites at PDR. Dan Gurney, Fred Lorenzen, AJ Foyt, Richard Petty, and Bud Moore have all expressed these feelings to me personally. Additionally, with Stock Car racing growing in popularity, it makes good business sense to persue it.

Our plan is to finish building out the existing track to a full mile, with the smoothest asphalt paving that money can buy. At this time, banking will be minimal, however, we are looking into changing that in the future, similar to what Daytona and Talledega both utilize. The infield paddock will have state of the art buildings and facilities including garages, modern pits, an infield hospital, and room for future expansion. The grandstands and concession areas will boast new seating, multiple vendor areas with excellent food and beverages, and new restrooms. In particular, with the advent of so many women becoming interested in the sport, we feel this last element will put us in the big leagues with the other major tracks.

As for the schedule, we are already on track for opening this season, and have approval from the sanctioning bodies to hold not only a Grand National event, but also multiple smaller events. At this time the venue will be called Palmer Divide Motor Speedway (PDMS).

In initial testing, the Grand National drivers have all shown that great speed is safely possible at our facility. Dan Gurney and Ned Jarrett both approached speeds in the 190 mph range and said they were convinced the track was as smooth as any they've raced on before…"

Ok, I'm a slot car dork, I admit it. I finally finished my routed, wood, oval track!

It's 4x12, powered by a variable voltage supply, Parma 45 Ohm controllers, and copper tape for rails.

Anyway, the track is going with me to my Chevelle Club's regional car show next weekend. It's broken into 3 sections, so it can be transported. We thought it would be a fun time-spender for the kids, and a great way to break them into the hobby. We're also giving away 2 Artin 1/32nd scale slot car sets to 2 lucky kids.

I won't be taking my Darkside Stock Cars with me, other than a few to show off, due to their being priceless to me, and not for public bashing, er, crashing. I have 12 stock cars from Artin for them to bash. And let me tell you, bash they do. It is a ball running these in traffic!

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