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New Track in Georgia

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About a year ago I planned on building a large permanent track layout. After many months of waitng for Ninco to come out with their system and many negotiations with my wife about the size and location, (it was originally going to takeup half the garage) the project unfortunatley was put on hold.

The final negotions have been completed and the project is back on in a new location, Albeit a smaller location. This time I have designed a U shaped layout that will include approximately 60' of track. I will try and model some corners from tracks that I like. The Lowes hairpin from Monaco, the Parabolica of Monza, and the Esses from Road Atlanta.

Any feedback from would be welcome.

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hEY, i'M IN north Ga, around Dalton. What about building a changeable track ? i also have limited space, so I'm designing a track that will be built in sections or modules. Example, build a complete landscaped turn. Maybe compreised of 5 or 6 pieces of track. These pieces are attched pernamently to form a curved section, however, that section can be unpluged, moved or exchanged for other modules. i've seen this done with model train layouts. I guess the trade-off is slight loss of realism, where the modules meet, but you can change the track every fewq months, when you get tired of the layout.
1 - 1 of 219 Posts
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