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New Track in Georgia

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About a year ago I planned on building a large permanent track layout. After many months of waitng for Ninco to come out with their system and many negotiations with my wife about the size and location, (it was originally going to takeup half the garage) the project unfortunatley was put on hold.

The final negotions have been completed and the project is back on in a new location, Albeit a smaller location. This time I have designed a U shaped layout that will include approximately 60' of track. I will try and model some corners from tracks that I like. The Lowes hairpin from Monaco, the Parabolica of Monza, and the Esses from Road Atlanta.

Any feedback from would be welcome.

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I'm in Duluth. Just outside of Atlanta. I am only allocated to half of the bonus room so that is why I went with the U shape. Not an ideal situation but Marriage is all about compromise.

This is the basic layout. I am working on fine tuning the the layout to optimize the space I am allocated and for a more enjoyable driving experience. At this point I have a modification to the hairpin section and I am thinking of putting a kink in the back straight. I am worried that repeated racing may prove to be boring with 2 long staights back to back. Any input is welcome. Some of the layout ideas I had for this track came from reading over post and looking at layouts on this forum.

Basically I am just pleased to be back in the slotcar arena after thinking that it was a no go for awile.
QUOTE (RikoRocket @ 16 May 2007, 12:51) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Did you go Ninco in the end?

I'm a bit confused with the title saying digital but no lane changer shown? When you race digital they become as important as curves in determining the layout....

Best of luck, and remember wives all over the world do not understand the fascination that men have with little toy cars. So you are not alone in your negotiations my friend

This is the basic layout. I am working on improving some of the turns and debating a kink on the back straight. I am testing the idea that increasing radius turns is the way to go. It will give a moe realistic feel when driving. The concept of in slow and out fast.

I have switched back to Ninco simply based on the versatitlity of the track. Not pleased that they don't make single lane sections for the pit lane. But there is a trade off with all systems. And, it was important to me to have the hairpins. CArrera would have gottent he nod if they just had a tighter radius. With so little room, I needed a track system that was more versatile. You should see my wifes face now that I bought a Carrera Pro-x set on ebay and now I have to sell it. The laser beams are actaully visable.

Lane changers will be placed in at the beginning and end of straights. I will mess around with those after all the track is purchased and the layout is run a few times. I think that is a decision that has to done hands on. I am not sure I could plan that without driving the track.
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QUOTE (jeremycobert @ 16 May 2007, 11:34) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>the only thing i can see is that you are not taking advantage of your longest straight. if you had something along these lines (give or take a few straights pieces)

you could really get some speed thought the left corner if it was slightly banked and then fill in the rest of the table with twists,hairpins etc. unless you really wanted a bridge. but in digital you don't need a bridge because there is never a bad lane to be in.

If I could only have the entire room I could make a little Indy track with an infield. I was toying with the idea of a power run like you have shown. I will revisit that work on a plan that might work. I like technical corners though and my son likes fast straights. So we will have to discuss it. He has finally gotten to an age where we can work on a project like this together.
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QUOTE (mach2race @ 16 May 2007, 10:54) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>hEY, i'M IN north Ga, around Dalton. What about building a changeable track ? i also have limited space, so I'm designing a track that will be built in sections or modules. Example, build a complete landscaped turn. Maybe compreised of 5 or 6 pieces of track. These pieces are attched pernamently to form a curved section, however, that section can be unpluged, moved or exchanged for other modules. i've seen this done with model train layouts. I guess the trade-off is slight loss of realism, where the modules meet, but you can change the track every fewq months, when you get tired of the layout.

I worked on a Marlkin modular layout. But never got to run it. There is a company that makes modular units. I am wondering if everyone had one of the moduals that a group could get together and race easily. you just need to make sure that there is 2 straights and a turn.
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QUOTE (Monaro_GTO @ 16 May 2007, 14:52) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hey Nikko your not too far away from me. Im in tucker. Just about to start my own project. Track looks good in my opinion. What did you use to draw that up?

I am on Mac's at home and work so I used Railmodeller. I like it but it is not fully functional for Digital.

Tucker probably the same distance I drive to work in Sandy Springs. You are right around the corner.

This project is a go. So any guys who want to help with the testing of the digital are welcome to come over. I need to figure the best place for the LC's when I get the final version of the design compleed. So that means a lot of testing.
QUOTE (jmswms @ 16 May 2007, 14:22) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I think it's a brilliant and elegant design, flowing with a nice straight and some challenging parts. A minor suggestion: you might invert the turn on the right side (top). This would mean that you'd enter or exit the turn with an R4, which would allow more speed in the longer straight. Of course, less speed in the shorter straight, which is already tricky with that single R1 at the end. Oh, I like it! Clever, fun, difficult, challenging. Great layout!

Coming from you that's a hefty compliment. I have been looking at your stuff for quite some time and want to get some really nice landscaping.
QUOTE (jhardy33 @ 16 May 2007, 13:53) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I like the layout as it is currently designed. Two. fas straights, changing radius curves connecting the two straights, a challenging kink at the end of the front straight, and enough inner curves in the twisty section to keep it interesting. A kink on the back straight could possibly result in hard to reach deslots.

FYI there is a good group of us racing close by you. I'm in Sugar Hill. Check out SSR in the club section on SCI if so inclined.

Thanks for the input. I have some modifications to make that I want as reference when I do the actual testing of the track. Mostly to see if the chicane at the end of the front straight is worth having.
QUOTE (knoath @ 16 May 2007, 15:58) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>G'day Nikko!
I like the layout, but I'd like to know which way it races.
Is the long straight at the top running left to right?
You say you like the slow in, fast out... but running either way the top straight has one end of each.
Just can't work it out.
I personally don't like R1's, but I agree they are a nessecery evil (I have one in my layout!
) but the track seems to flow. Will you be running mag or non-mag? This could change everything!

Keep us posted with plenty of updates and pics!!!
Watching this one.


The back straight runs left to right. I have worked out a revised layout which includes some of the sugestions I have gotten. The turns reflect the in slow out fast concept better.

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QUOTE (Brad Korando @ 16 May 2007, 16:55) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I think that the last layout is your best yet. When you get to testing the track, try it this way and then with the back straight elevated. I think that the elevated back straight would look nicer, but it would also make the entry into turn 1 more difficult - due to the bridge overhead.

What about making a hump long the back straight. As if it is going over a rolling hill.

After an indepth discussion with SpaModeller and Brad, I have come to a final version for the layout. If you are struggling with a layout you need to get some input from them. They know their stuff and gives you great ideas and explainations as to why they make their recommendations. Although I had to make some sacrifices -
I had to say goodbye to my beloved hugenholtz turn and Esses- I think I have come to a version that will fulfill most of my original concepts and still be fun and challenging to race on.

Thanks everyone for your input. I actually tried every one of your suggestions but due to space limitations or a personal preference they may not have been used. But I do want you to know that the input is greatly appreciated.

The next step is to calculate the elevation changes. SpaModeller gave me his view of the need for elevation changes and how to calculate them. The only way to really do this is to set up the track and elevate them with magazines. At the same time I will be calculating where the lane changes are going to be placed. So my fello Atlanta area racers let me know if you would be interested in a full day of test track competion. As soon as I get all the track ordered I will let you guys know. So there is an open invitation to be a test driver for the day.
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QUOTE (Brad Korando @ 17 May 2007, 12:27) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I really like this layout and think that it will be a lot of fun to race on. I also think that it will lend itself nicely to scenery. The alteration to the turn coming off of the lower straight should allow you to reverse the bridge, if you want to. The new layout also leaves that "triangular" piece of land to the left of the bridge. This area is a terrific location for some kind of scenic feature such as an old building or dramatic natural element.

It seems like you are pretty well set on the size and shape of the table. It might be a good idea to build the table now, so that when you tryout the track you can evaluate lines of sight from the drivers positions. The view of the lower back striaght might be blocked by the pit building you are planning. You can use some cardboard to simulate a pit building when you are testing the track.

This is going to be a fun one to watch unfold. Keep us posted with your progress.



I'm going to try it both ways. The back straight will be raised and then start down hill all the way through the last corner. I want a little hump in there so the cars might catch a little air as they storm into the last turn. Just a little challenge for the fun of it.
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QUOTE (GregR @ 16 May 2007, 17:08) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I like the design and I agree that slow in, fast out is the way to go. In my experience it also results in less crashes. On fast in, slow out I have found the car on the inside lane slides a lot more into the outside lane and when the curve slow in, fast out.

The only suggestions I would make are to try and keep the maximum R1 size of a corner below 90 degrees and I think it helps to ease into an R1 with a quarter R2.

If you run non-magnet then you might need to reconsider your design a bit to allow for lane changers.

I was able to get one 1/4 R2 in on one of the turns but I could not get it to fit the second. I agree that it will make that transition a little bit more realistic. Thanks

I created some new track peice with the Rail Editor program. So I was able to put the correct peices in and get a better idea of where the lane changers are going. At this point Ninco doe not offer single lane peices so the length of the pit lane is still up in the air.
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I have not had time yet to start construction since the room is not cleared out yet. So I took some time to figure out how the actual roadway will be configured. I took Brad's idea of using the track as a racing line and then build a roadway around that.
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QUOTE (ronMcRain @ 7 Jun 2007, 16:46) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Nice touch, Nikko .. And an easy, smooth flow in the track too!

Although the 'racingline' concept doesn't change the track layout as such, I think that it enhances the visual looks immensily and also, points out the apexes in bends more clearly. The effect might be more of a psychological kind than .. eeeh .. physical? .. technical? [aaghh .. deep waters, this .. thazz 'enuff .. analythic thinking mode OFF!]

There's been some tracks here on the Forum [or am I wrong?] that have had that feature. Makes a very good track look simply GREAT!

Keep us posted as you progress ..

-- ron --

Keep me posted. Maybe we could help each other out on the construction.
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QUOTE (ronMcRain @ 7 Jun 2007, 16:46) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Nice touch, Nikko .. And an easy, smooth flow in the track too!

Although the 'racingline' concept doesn't change the track layout as such, I think that it enhances the visual looks immensily and also, points out the apexes in bends more clearly. The effect might be more of a psychological kind than .. eeeh .. physical? .. technical? [aaghh .. deep waters, this .. thazz 'enuff .. analythic thinking mode OFF!]

There's been some tracks here on the Forum [or am I wrong?] that have had that feature. Makes a very good track look simply GREAT!

Keep us posted as you progress ..

-- ron --

i got the idea from Brad. I think it really helps visually. I haven't raced with it yet so Brad would probably be the one to tell you the overall effect.

I see your a Marx Brothers fan.
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QUOTE (jmswms @ 8 Jun 2007, 20:36) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Brad & Spa -- did you really talk him out of the esses?
I'd like to know the rationale for that!
Of course, everyone will have their personal tastes, but I loved the esses in the pentultimate version. Still a great layout and eager to watch it develop further.

I wouldn't say they talked me out of anything. As the design progressed I tried as many of the suggestions as I could to see how they would work. Some suggestions made a lot of sense and they were incorporated into the design. Anytime a change is made it will affect other parts of the track. What lead to the elimination of the Esses was a suggestion to make the first turn a wider radius. Since I already had a big radius turn as my second turn I thought that the 2 turns together were too similar and would create a very sharp switch back similar to my third turn in the center of the Esses. This was not a desirable effect. So I opted to remove the Esses and make T1 a wide quick flick to the left followed by a big turn leading into the hairpin.

Elevations are still up in the air at this point as well as the overpass. That will have to be dealt with when I set the track up and race on it a few times before permanently affixing it to the table.
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This may not seem like much of an update, but my wife allowed me a little more room so I modified some of the corners in the tight areas at the bottom of the track. I also lengthened the start finish straight.
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QUOTE (1eye101 @ 12 Jun 2007, 10:43) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Looks great Nikko. Just one thought........I think the cross over would be better the other way round otherwise you will have to build your pit building on a slope which would be a lot more difficult than building in on a flat, level suface.

That is one of the areas I am still trying to work out. I tried as best as I could to get rid of the crossover but due to table limitations, that did not work out. I am going to try something unconventional to get around this because I thought about how difficult a start would be with a bunch of cars racing to go under a tunnel at the first turn. The bottom of the layout will be 6 inches lower than the upper portion with the long straights. So, after the cars make the first turn they will head down hill into a valley where they will begin to climb back up after they cross under the start finish straight. The will continue to rise 1/3 of the way along the back straight. this will give a little hump to the back straight. Hopefully this option will work. I really wont know until I get all my track and start messing around with everything. I noticed last night as I was compiling my parts list that a lot of stuff is becoming scarce. So I am trying to find the best place with the best prices to get everything I need. Hopefully I won't have to wait too long.
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