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New Track in Georgia

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About a year ago I planned on building a large permanent track layout. After many months of waitng for Ninco to come out with their system and many negotiations with my wife about the size and location, (it was originally going to takeup half the garage) the project unfortunatley was put on hold.

The final negotions have been completed and the project is back on in a new location, Albeit a smaller location. This time I have designed a U shaped layout that will include approximately 60' of track. I will try and model some corners from tracks that I like. The Lowes hairpin from Monaco, the Parabolica of Monza, and the Esses from Road Atlanta.

Any feedback from would be welcome.

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Hey Nikko your not too far away from me. Im in tucker. Just about to start my own project. Track looks good in my opinion. What did you use to draw that up?
hey Nikko, keep me posted on the progress. I'll probably be starting construction on the tables this weekend. Depending on how my auctions go I may have just about all my track by the end of next week
hey Nikko, any progress on the track? I got the majority of my track in last weekend. No digital gear yet.
great progress Nikko. I have been pretty inactive since may of last year lol.

The bug bit me again so I decided to log on here and start up again. A have a few pics of my progress
I will share with everyone shortly.

I noticed your links to you business and noticed you do motorsport photography. You wouldnt be going to
the 12 hours of Sebring would you?
Looking great Greg! Love the cars above too! I havnt been on here for some time. Looks like its progressing very well.
we will have to. Im closing on a house next week which I have permission to have a dedicated slot car room!

Im going to Road Atlanta this weekend for The Mitty which will be a blast as always.

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1 - 6 of 219 Posts
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