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New Track in Georgia

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About a year ago I planned on building a large permanent track layout. After many months of waitng for Ninco to come out with their system and many negotiations with my wife about the size and location, (it was originally going to takeup half the garage) the project unfortunatley was put on hold.

The final negotions have been completed and the project is back on in a new location, Albeit a smaller location. This time I have designed a U shaped layout that will include approximately 60' of track. I will try and model some corners from tracks that I like. The Lowes hairpin from Monaco, the Parabolica of Monza, and the Esses from Road Atlanta.

Any feedback from would be welcome.

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Thanks. I have to make some modifications to it for the window in the front. That requires another trip to the hobby shop and probably another $20.
I've been away from the track for a while but have gotten some well needed work done. We have painted about 80% of the track and will be finishing the rest next week. I'll have some pictures to follow.
We are trying to do some long over due work on the track. I have finished school and my youngest has showed a lot of interest in working on the track.The first part is to finish the painting of the track surface. Carrera paints easily. No primer or conditioning of the track required. I was even able to get a good amount of texture by experimenting with different rollers. Tires grip real nice.

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We did a little work on the pit garage. Added back wall graphics, new brick and concrete front. We are going to put in a new floor and lighting along with side graphics in the pit bays.
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More work on upgrading the pit garage. The roof will be removable and we will be putting lights inside. I am going to try and make an over hang with light hidden behind it.

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Great stuff Greg
I cant even imagine the time involved in scratch building this project, and as for talent,,,, if you have any to spare, I am more than willing to borrow it from you.
Keep it coming along, I'm loving it, and look forward to your posts.
thanks Bob,
I'm not a great scratch builder. I can do graphics pretty well, as that is what I did for seventeen years. All the art was created in Illustrator. The pit garage started its life differently. I am just modifying it to correct some flaws with the materials. If I had the money I would have just dumped it in the trash and started fresh with Plastruct. I used too many temporary and paper materials that have fallen off.The tower in the back needs to be reworked as well. I didn't account for the window when I started building it. So there are interior support pieces in the way. I am eager to add some lighting.

A little more work on the pit garage. Thought I'd share the progress since it takes so long for the glue to dry.

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Added some interiors for the pit garage and the signage for the front. My son wants me to make the top removable. Unfortunately the wood pieces are a bit warped and need to be glued for them to fit flush.

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Looks great Nikko! Fun to see you moving forward again. Sometimes a little break is a good thing.
Thanks Kevin. It has been a too long of a break. The past 3 years of school have sparked me to take time out for my hobby. Also my wife told me I either work towards completion of the project or I tear it down. With my youngest now 13 he is highly motivated to play with the slot cars. Older son is too interested in video games to bother with the project.
Some nice touches there. Keep up the good work. I might have to pinch some of those ideas. Hope you don't mind.
Pits look great. Nice job!
You are definitely getting me excited to work on my own pit buildings. Unfortunately I have a ways to go before I'm there.

I'm assuming the brick work on the inside is just printed out and glued?

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Thanks for the comments. This is a learn as you go project. The brick on the front is Plastruct. The brick on the inside is printed paper. I made the team graphics in illustrator. I have a file of racing logos. I left a space between Gulf sign and the front to hide some led lights. I want to put driver names over the garage entrances and have them illuminated by the light.
My son wants the roof to be removable, so I am just going to cut panels to fit over each garage. That is going to make the interior lighting difficult. I have never installed lights into a building so any recommendations would be great.
I have been looking for a good tutorial on the installation of LED lights into my pit building. I found this great article that not only explains how to install LEDs but talks about what types to use and power requirements.
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