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Yesterday I made delivery on a new -- well, actually rather old -- HO slot track. Back in the 1990's I had a cabinet shop in New Jersey make six CNC routed tracks for me. Four of those tracks got sold many years ago, but I have had the two remaining tracks in storage ever since.

Several weeks ago a customer ordered one of those remaining tracks. While the pieces were surfaced, routed and cut-out they still needed mounting holes drilled and countersunk, and braid reliefs routed and braid installed.

So I did that...

Brickwork Door Brick Rectangle Symmetry

A few features of that track:
  • CNC routed and cut-out of 3/8" thick MDF
  • Surfaced with melamine (AKA Formica)
  • 1/8" wide tinned copper braid installed approximately 0.005" proud of the racing surface -- no magnetic downforce by design
  • 1/8" wide by 3/16" deep slots -- suitable for HO, 1/43rd and 1/32nd scale cars with guides for plastic track
  • 1-3/4" lane spacing -- 1/4" wider than standard for HO track, suitable for 1/43rd scale cars and 1/32nd scale cars on every other lane
  • Banking created by pulling the 'legs' of each curve section parallel, maximum bank 20 degrees

I charged US$400 for the track kit, which was picked up at my home in York Pennsylvania. My one remaining track kit is also for sale at the same price.

In the past I have charged US$150 to ship these tracks UPS anywhere in the contiguous USA. If I were to offer that service again I'd need to get a new quote from UPS.

FYI, I have a similar track that I used to take to and set up at slot shows, including Bob Beers' shows on Long Island New York. I let folks run on the track for free. It was quite popular. I used that same track to host HOCOC races a few years ago when I was living in Massachusetts. Very fast, very intense racing -- especially in the unlimited gravity class where 1.8 second lap times were common and passing was tricky. That track is currently set up in my basement.

I created a video to show how to assemble these track kits -- filmed on Hi-8 digital video tape quite a few years ago. I still have those tapes and I am going to try to transcribe them back into computer-readable form -- again. I can no longer play the computer files I created from those tapes in the past. Too common a tale. Ain't it the pits.

I'm hoping the tapes still play so I can transcribe them again.

Ed Bianchi
York Pennsylvania USA
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