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Font Line Parallel Rectangle Art

Ive spent yet another few weeks deliberating over my track plan even started the last one but then decided it was nt quite what i wanted ! Anyway here is the latest effort it is 27.5m and using scalextric digital
Ive tried to incorporate all the things that i want in a track but as always space is the ultimate decider ! I would appreciate any comments that any of you good people may have to help me in any way


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Hi Wookie

I seem to remember your plan from a while back.

Seems like you've got the top-right section more sorted now.

I think you could still optimise the positions of the lane-changers; esp. if you want to save a couple 'o bucks.

The pits at the back on what looks like a slightly higher level makes good sense.

Not sure why the starting grid isn't near the pits though ( who says it has to be though ! ).

I'd be tempted to swap the changer, coming out of the pits, to a curved one on the two R2 right-handers.
An outside-to-inside right-hander.
And loose the changer after that bend, at the begining of the straight.

I would keep the changer at the end of that straight, and MAYBE the cross-over, but def. loose the changer following the cross-over.

It looks like you've really made the most of your space, & can still reach all the important areas easily.

Bit more thought on where your changers go & it looks like your pretty sorted dude.

The changers on the 2nd half of the circuit (from the pits, not the grid) look well placed.


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